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If you are looking for fun and knowledge together then you must try Funny Trivia Questionsas they are interesting amazing and informative. They can be multiple choice questions or simple question and answers.

Fun trivia questions can be played at party, social gatherings, school groups or among friends groups etc. following quiz questions are suitable for all types of ages with level from easy to difficult covering wide range of fun and details, in this article you will find compilation of Fun trivia Questions which are listed below.

  1. What is the word for lexicon?
  2. What flavor is Cointreau?
  3. Lord Mountbatten was murdered off the coast of which country?
  4. In which season do most burglaries takes place?
  5. “My heart will go on” came from which movie?
  6. Which record label did Michael Jackson first record on?
  7. Black activist Steve Biko died in which country in the 70’s?
  8. Which talk shoe hostess appeared in the color purple?
  9. Who averaged one patent for every three weeks of his life?
  10. Which atmospheric gas is the most common?
  11. Who recorded the dark side of the moon?
  12. Which continent has the fewest flowering plant?
  13. In baseball where do the blue jays come from?
  14. Who invented the thermometer?
  15. What is the name of Oprah winfery’s production company?
  16. Name the first planet discovered in 1781 using telescope?
  17. What is sushi traditionally wrapped in?
  18. What is all spice alternatively known as?
  19. What color is Absynth?
  20. Which is the largest and densest of the four rocky planets?
  21. Name the world’s biggest Island?
  22. Name the world’s longest river?
  23. Name the world’s largest ocean?
  24. What is the capital city of Spain?
  25. With which sport is Michael Jordan associated?
  26. Which bobby took Mack the Knife to No 1 in the charts?
  27. With which sports is Cedric Pioline Associated?
  28. What does the word N stand for in NATO?
  29. Who played Rachel Green in Friends?
  30. With which instrument Roberta Flacvk is associated?


  1. In LCD what does the C stands for? CRYSTAL
  2. How many prongs are there in a fork? FOUR
  3. Who starts first in chess? WHITE
  4. How many events are there in the Decathlon? TEN
  5. Which language has the most words? ENGLISH
  6. Who sang “I am dreaming of white Christmas”? BING CROSBY
  7. Who gave his name to the month of July? JULIUS CEASER
  8. Who did Madonna marry? SEAN PENN
  9. What is the first letter of a typewriter? Q
  10. Name the hardest rock? DIAMOND
  11. How many states are there in United States of America? 50
  12. Where does the British Prime Minister live? 10, DOWNING STREET
  13. Which nails grow fastest? MIDDLE
  14. Which money do they use in Japan? YEN
  15. What color is blueberry jam? PURPLE

Which country do Kiwifruit originate from? CHINA

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