Health And Fitness Related Blog Article | How to Muscle Gain Or Fat Loss

Posted by Rishabh on August 8th, 2019

Health And Fitness Related Blog Article

Fitness Related Blog Article

Now a days fitness is a very huge problem in India. In India people are not aware about health and fitness so that in the end they face health related issue, the major problem is lifestyle of people are not good they eat any kind of food without thinking is it good for health or not, so avoid these kind of habits and start a new journey. with us.

  • Add Physical Activities in Daily Routine
  1.  Start Jogging or running
  2. Join Swimming club
  3. Playing basketball, cricket or football
  4. Skipping with a rope

Add these activities in your daily life and see results.

Benefits Of Physical Activities

Research shows that if you are doing physical activity on daily basis can help reduce your risk for several diseases and health conditions and improve your overall quality of life.

                                                    Eat high protein food, avoid junk food and drink 3-4 liters of water on daily  basis these simple and little habits can change your life.

1.  Reduces risk of a heart attack.

2.   Have stronger bones.

Aim for at least 40 minutes a day

To maintain health and reduce your risk of health problems researchers recommend a minimum of 40 minutes of moderate-intense and physical activities preferably at least  5 days in a week.

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