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Posted by ankush Nikam on August 8th, 2019

The rampant rate of industrialization has been generating voluminous demand for mechanical testing equipment. With the active and rapid production processes, it becomes crucial for manufacturers to integrate mechanical testing equipment in manufacturing processes to control the quality of the product.

The increasing need for quality control as well as quality assurance is generating the demand for mechanical testing equipment in the global market. Mechanical testing equipment has a wide array of application in the manufacturing industry - diverse applicability ranging from determining the elasticity of a rubber band to the strength of a bridge, mechanical testing equipment.

Mechanical testing equipment is available in variety for the testing of various parameters such as compression, adhesion, flexure, fatigue, shock, elasticity, vibration, tensile, and shear tests for ensuring the quality of material being tested.

Construction and Infrastructure Activities Creating Potential Demand Generation Opportunities

The upsurge in infrastructure as well as construction activities, specifically in developing countries, is expected to significantly raise the demand for iron and steel materials, thereby driving the mechanical testing equipment market. The rapid growth of the construction sector is a significant factor in the growth of mechanical testing equipment market in the forecast period.

Metals such as steel and iron have a critical role in the construction sector and constantly underscore the significance of using high-quality products. Meanwhile, the need for reliability, durability, and safety of materials used in construction industry increases, the use of mechanical testing equipment also increases thereby generating the demand for the growth of mechanical testing equipment market. Rapid growth of the construction industry will drive the growth of the global automated mechanical testing equipment market.

Global Mechanical Testing Equipment Market: Key Dynamics

Need for Mechanical Testing Equipment Increasing in Testing of Food Products and Packaging Materials

The adoption of mechanical testing equipment is rising significantly in the food and packaging industry. Various types of materials, like plastic, paperboard, aluminum canning, as well as glass are used for packaging food products, such as vegetables, fruits, milk, cheese, snacks, meat, seafood, condiments and confectioneries.

Mechanical testing equipment plays a vital role in the food packaging industry. Market players in the industry offers a wide range of mechanical testing equipment for testing of the product to be packed.

  • For instance, Zwick Roell, a prominent player in the market, offers an extensive range of mechanical testing equipment for the testing of packaging material and test fixtures for viscosity measurements and texture analysis. From the testing of the firmness of sausage or cheese to the consistency of mustard and yogurt or tomato paste fixtures, mechanical testing equipment offered by the company serves the need.

Rising Export of Electronics & Semiconductor Products Supplementing Demand Growth

The rising exports of electronic goods from major electronics manufacturers of the countries, such as Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea are increasing. The ever increasing demand for electronics and semiconductors is primarily because of the increasing penetration of smartphones in the global market. The shipment of smartphones and other consumer electronics is rapidly growing.

The mechanical testing equipment is of prime importance when it comes to the testing electronic components as it helps in the research and development of new product design as well as finished products. Various parameters involved in the electronics testing are shear, tension, adhesive/bond strength, peel strength, flexure, delamination, and force required for making the electrical contacts. Owing to these factors the demand for mechanical testing equipment is rising in the global market.

Global mechanical Testing Equipment Market: Market Segmentation

The global market for mechanical testing equipment can be segmented on the basis of product type, end use, and region.

  • Segmentation of Mechanical Testing Equipment Market by Equipment Type-
  • Universal testing machine
  • Fatigue testing machine
  • Special testing machine
  • Segmentation of Mechanical Testing Equipment Market by End Use-
  • Manufacturing
  • Civil engineering
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Scientific institutions
  • Others

Global Mechanical Testing Equipment Market: Competitive Landscape

The mechanical testing equipment market is fragmented with the presence of numerous global and local players who manufacture and supply an extensive range of products for testing different material parameters. Various local, as well as regional market players, are offering application-specific mechanical testing equipment for multiple end-users. The local manufacturers are finding it more and more difficult to compete with international manufacturers on the basis of quality, technological innovations, reliability, and durability.

Some of the prominent players operating in the global mechanical testing equipment market include Applied Test Systems, INSTRON, Torontech Group International, Zwick/Roell, MTS Systems, Hegewald & Peschke, AMETEK, Shimadzu, and others.

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