Best WordPress FTP solutions for Mac and Windows

Posted by jamesmacgee on August 8th, 2019

There exist two variants of work with WordPress

    1. By using the file manager provided to you by your hosting providers in the hosting control panel. The most popular file managers are cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk. However, there a lot of other solutions available on the market.
  1. By using WordPress FTP clients. Still guessing what is an FTP client? FTP or File Transfer Protocol, is designed to transfer files from your local computer to a remote site in our case, based on WordPress. In addition, FTP can be used to download files from your site to your computer or to change the access rights to files or directories posted on the site. FTP to WordPress software make it easy to send files from your computer to a server and back and even more.

Reasons for using FTP for WordPress

There are several main reasons why you should use FTP clients in your WordPress work:

    • First one is to delete files from the WordPress website. Sometimes, after downloading a new plugin and activating it, you may find that this plugin is not compatible with the website. This will make the WordPress control panel inaccessible. In this case, the only way to remove the plugin will be to connect to the site via FTP.
    • Second one is to change the WordPress theme. Sometimes there appears a necessity to make changes to the WordPress template, for instance, in a logo or title. Adding a piece of code through the WordPress control panel can result in blocking or malfunctioning of the site. The best way to fix this is to use an FTP client; download WordPress template files, make changes to them and upload them back.
  • Third one is to modify files and directories. Some WordPress plugins require you to create a new directory to store the cache data in it. If such WordPress plugins do not have rights to create such directories, they report an error and do not work correctly. In this case, you will have to change access rights so that WordPress plugins can create a directory and save files in it.
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