Car pooling features in taxi apps: Uber & Lyft has leading the charts

Posted by Jennifer Atkinson on August 8th, 2019

The transportation industry has seen a huge change since the inception of the factor “Uber” in its equation. There has been a myriad of ride-hailing apps sprung after the success of Uber & Lyft. They have become the industry leaders and the major challenge they have faced is providing the customer-focused ride-hailing facilities. One such major push was “Uber’s Express pool”. It is branded as one of the cheapest methods for a customer to take a ride in their app.

How it works?

The concept is simple - in this ride-sharing concept, the customer has to walk through small distances or blocks to reach a destination where they will meet the driver who is already in a destined route. Uber has also released in their statement that most of their customers are spending about 50% of the ride fee to take a doorstep to pick up. By asking them to sacrifice that, this mode of ride-hailing has become cheaper.

The demand for the carpooling

Some ride-hailing startups had tried to bring this concept to their business and eventually failed to maintain due to low reception for that service. However, the concept of carpooling is growing and the people’s awareness among such services will start to improve in the coming years. Uber’s Express pool is in effect with some of the disadvantages users faced in the Uber pool ride-hailing pickup. Customers have requested for fewer stops and a more straighter route without making many detours in the route.

Uber & Lyft’s past failures to this model

Uber had earlier launched UberHOP in Seattle and eventually failed to implement in other regions due to its failure. But this time, they have improved on all the customer requests and this concept has got worldwide implementation.

Two months before, Lyft also implemented their version of Uber Express pool as Shared Saver. The only difference here is that the ride vehicle is to be considered as a minibus. Before pick up, you have to walk to a specified location and wait till the ride arrives. After the drop, they have to walk a few blocks to reach the destination. Like Uber, Lyft also earlier launched a service known as Shuttle - it focused on providing rides to people having a weekend rush to certain places. Eventually, it has failed and Lyft has implemented all the lessons they have learned in this carpooling concept Shared Saver.

How to develop a taxi app with these functionalities?

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