Hayward Salt Generator - How does it work?

Posted by John Smith on August 9th, 2019

There is a growing trend among pool owners: salt pools. But what is it? What are the advantages and disadvantages, and how does it work? Here's a quick recap to make an informed choice before opening your pool for the summer.

A salt pool, what is it?

As its name suggests, the salt pool is a pool that is filled with salt water rather than chlorinated water. But that does not mean that it does not contain chlorine. The salt molecule naturally contains chlorine. The process involves using natural chlorine in salt rather than pure chlorine, which is more irritating to skin, hair, and textiles, and is environmentally harmful and expensive.

What is more, the maintenance of a traditional pool is very demanding: it is necessary to check and adjust the concentration of chlorine in the water every day or almost. In this case, Hayward Salt Generator can be very much helpful.

Operation and maintenance:

The system of Hayward Chlorine Generator is quite simple. We begin the season by pouring into the pool a large amount of salt to reach a given concentration. There is 20 kg of salt per 10,000 liters of water.

Then, we install the Jacuzzi Chlorine Generator which pumps the water and extracts the natural chlorine present in the salt before redirecting it in the water of the swimming pool. It is not necessary to add salt in the course of the summer since it all works in closed circuit.

Thus, it is an easier way to maintain the pool: it requires almost no additional manipulation once the pool is open. It is recommended, however, to check the salt concentration in the pool water about once a month and adjust if necessary.

Indeed, the amount of salt can vary according to the external conditions (heavy rains, loss of water during games and splashes, evaporation in case of a big heatwave, etc.)

The advantages:

- No dangerous products to handle.
- Easy maintenance.
- No irritation to the skin, eyes, hair.
- No odor of chlorine that persists on the skin and swimsuits.
- Textiles are not attacked by chemicals.
- More environmentally friendly since we do not use chemicals.

However, the salt system using Pool Chlorine Generator is not so economical in the long run, since the maintenance of the chlorine generator (every 5-6 years) must be taken into account. This is not to spend less than you choose a salt pool, but to simplify the maintenance of the pool.

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