Surface Conduction Electron Emitter Display Market

Posted by industryarc on August 9th, 2019

Surface conduction electron emitter display (SED) is a high-resolution flat panel display consist of a matrix of tiny cathode ray tubes. Each tube forms a single sub-pixel on the screen, grouped in threes to form red-green-blue (RGB) pixels, an electron emitter for each pixel in the display, and a layer of phosphor to produce an image. SED requires no electron beam focus, which has, in turn, helped the manufacturer to create a display design that is only a few inches thick but still light enough to be hung from the wall. SED market demand is expanding as it challenges LCD and plasma displays with features such as high contrast ratios of 100,000:1, the fast response time of 0.2 milliseconds, and wide viewing angles as well as operate at much lower voltage than a cathode ray tube (CRT). Moreover, the power consumption of SED is 50% less than any other flat panel display. 
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Some of the major applications of SED are television, cameras (digital and video), mobile, and healthcare devices display screen. Significant advantages of this technology such as lower power consumption, inexpensive production cost, excellent color and contrast potential, and CRT-matching black levels create huge opportunities to increase adaptation and growing investment in display panel sector. On the other hand, SED is susceptible to screen burn-in and unknown life expectancy is some major challenges for the manufacturers of SED. 

Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display: Disruptive Trend
Development of phosphor is expected to overcome the major challenge of screen burning. Many manufacturers are investing in the development of SED due to its increased usage and high demand from display technology and healthcare sector.

Asia Pacific Dominates Demand in Surface Conduction Electron Emitter Display Market
The SED is being developed by Canon and marketed by a joint venture between Canon and Toshiba. Geographically, Asia-Pacific dominated the SED market demand as of 2018 due to high demand form manufacturers. Until 2023, according to a market research report from IndustryARC, APAC will remain the most lucrative region with fastest growth potential owing to rapidly expanding end-user product manufacturer’s presence in developing nations such as China and India. The North America SED market is also projected for profitable progression. 

SED will be the next generation display technology in the nearby future. High brightness, fast response time, and contrast level are some of the reasons end users are adopting SED that will grow the market. Though this technology is still in the nascent stage, future prospects are substantial.
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