Career in Software Testing for Non-IT graduates

Posted by cyber success on August 9th, 2019

This is a usual question that most students, who are from non-technical or non-IT background have in their mind? Can I make a career in software testing even without an IT background? There is another follow-up question that they carry, “what is the career growth in this field?”.  Let us accept one fact and that is the attraction that the IT industry has on every individual. Thanks to the dynamic nature of work and diversity in projects combined with the opportunity to travel aboard. These perks have attracted even fresh graduates who are coming from other backgrounds.

The field of software testing is a very interesting area, as it has an easy entry with some basic skills needed. There are software testing classes in Pune who are providing guidance to such students and enhancing their skills to bring them up to market speed. These institutes provide some of the best software testing courses in Pune with a well-defined course structure and curriculum. Let us look at some of the skills needed, that are non-technical in nature, required to become a software tester.

Ability to analyze

To become a good software tester, one must have strong analytical skills. This will allow the tester to slice and dice a complex system into granular units to get a clear understanding and then run test cases on the same.

Strong Communication Skill

It is imperative for the software tester to have good communication skill, both written and verbal. Test cases and other relevant documents that are prepared by software tester should be easy to read and comprehend.  Some of the software testing training institutes in Pune put a strong emphasis on the communication aspect and they also guide candidates to write an effective test case and test report.

Managing Productivity & efficiency

Depending upon the type of application or system that is undergoing testing, it can be high pressure and extremely demanding task. This is also dependent upon the overall delivery timeline of the project and testing is a key milestone. Hence, a good tester should be able to manage his or her time effectively and ensure high productivity is maintained thereby resulting in great efficiency. A great tester should be able to organize himself or herself and deliver the work within the stipulated time. Software testing classes in Pune come with a rigorous simulation environment combined with real-time application scenarios to bring out the best in an individual.

Demonstrating Passion

More than anything, a great software tester should be passionate about what he or she is done. This passion can be demonstrated by doing constant learning from the industry and being abreast with some of the creative ways and using modern tools to help come out with the best results.

Right Attitude

Finally, the tester should have the right attitude. Giving up is not the answer. One should always look for a solution and ensure that they work in tandem with the development team to achieve customer delight.

If you look at the aforementioned attributes, it is not a daunting task to get into the field of software testing. However, having a little technical know-how will definitely help an individual to fasten the process. There are institutes that provide some of the best software testing courses in Pune with placement that they guarantee, even for a candidate with non-IT background.

At Cyber Success our endeavor is to provide the right guidance and training to our students. We understand that some students who are not from a technical background still want to learn software testing. Hence, we walk the extra mile to get them abreast with some of the technical fundamentals before getting into the actual curriculum. The curriculum is designed with reference to what the market needs.

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