5 Tips for Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Posted by Andrea Skoch on August 9th, 2019

Thinking of accentuating your landscape with lighting? It requires a good amount of creativity and information about the latest lighting technology. It’s always pleasing to have an illuminated porch and yard that could accommodate enjoyment even when the sun sets down. The evolution of low voltage outdoor lighting has made it more popular and desiring for homeowners to transform their dark backyard into an attractive one. Landscape lighting Edison is considered one of the fanciest decorative features which are also cost-effective and technically necessary.

Learning about the backyard landscaping fixtures and facts is a good start that helps you in boosting creativity and getting aware of the potential work.

Is your home support additional lighting?

While low voltage outdoor lighting Edison is comparatively cost-effective than high-voltage and offers the same amount of visible light, you must ensure whether your house supports additional lighting. If not, then there is no point to think further other than calling professional landscapers to let the setting done. When you choose to low voltage lights, they don’t require much money and can be easily installed and maintained. You may hire good electricians to get the power outlets at the right places.

Keep safety in mind

Before going forward to make your backyard landscaping Woodbridge more enticing, you should know the factors that may impact the safety of your child and pets. You should abstain from installing heavy load lighting that may cause lethal shock and serious injuries if get in contact with a human.


You may decide to put the lighting in areas that are most visible from the inside of your home. This improves the view of outdoor in the nighttime and virtually expands the space. If your patio or pond is visible from the dining room then make sure it is well-lighted to create an appealing ambiance.

Use LED lights

Normally landscape lighting is not designed to that extent which allows you to read or complete homework as that requires a lot of light. However, modern LED lights are produced to accommodate this need also as you can pick spotlight. Reading under fancy string lights, rope light, and fairy light may affect your eyesight. Casting the lights where is always dark shadow and security concern like around pathways would be the ideal approach and would also magnify the curb appeal.

Use Low Voltage Lights

Using low voltage outdoor lighting can be less expensive to illuminate your outdoor area. It can accent the objects you want and make the space welcoming. Moreover, low voltage lights have a longer life than incandescent light bulbs or lamps. They can be integrated easily and consume marginal electricity. Proper lighting fixtures can add value to your home and adds attraction to it.

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