Will multiple credit cards affect my credit score?

Posted by James Richards on August 9th, 2019

Your credit score is very important to your financial strength and how you can carry out future financial activities.  This highlights just how important the score on your credit is and why you should ensure that nothing such as bad debt, damage it. If you continue to pay your debts promptly, your credit score will indeed be low. 

There are various advantages of having multiple credit cards.  But the truth is they if you handle them irresponsibly these advantages could lead to your own downfall as the credit score of your credit report will start to drop continuously. It is important that you take note of your credit score because if you fail to do so, it could greatly affect your ability to earn a car title loan.  A car title loans California, we offer you loans irrespective of your score if they start to improve, and we are always there to provide advice on what you can do to help your credit score situation. Here is what you need to know about boosting your credit score even though you have multiple cards.

Impart your credit with multiple credit cards.

Pay on time

When you pay your bills on time, it is a big plus to giving you a good score in your credit report.  This goes to show in a sense that you would never fail to make a payment on your credit cards. Having multiple cards means that you would also have multiple dates were your credit cards would be due. Now, the challenge is that more cards would sometimes make you forget your payment.

In order to avoid this eventuality of forgetfulness dies to multiple cards, you can harness the benefits of the automatic payment on your accounts. This would help you not to miss a payment.

Many issuers of credit cards also want to help you out and do not immediately go about reporting the late payment to the Bureau of credit cards until you fail to pay for about a month. So, you have an advantage in the sense that if you forget to pay immediately you still have some days to work through your payment without the danger of it appearing on your credit score. Sometimes you may only face the punishment or extra payment fees compared to late payments.

How more than one credit card can improve your credit mix

Many people who lend money today want to see how you have been able to manage different types of credit and how you will do it in the future.  They want to see how you handle the mortgage, your car title loans, student loans, and others. Having more then one unfriendly score is not very important if you want to calculate your credit score although it may improve your credit mix.

Applying for multiple cards in a short time

This could greatly affect your credit score and may make lenders stay away from you as far away as possible. Still, it is not bad to have multiple credit cards for different expenses. This can even help you to maximize how much money you earn and help to take advantage of the benefits you desire.


  • Use software to help you budget your activities which enable you to see all your transaction and balances easily in just one place.
  • Make a concise list of dates your payments are due and your fees
  • Check critically if you have a good credit history before you apply for more cards
  • Get credit cards which meets your various activities whether it is for travel, gas, dining and this can give you the best value out of them.

So multiple cards may not greatly hurt your credit card score once you apply the best practices and use them responsibly. So, if you want your car title loans California do not panic as regards your multiple cards focus on your credit cards score instead.

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