Top 5 Spy Cameras for Home Security

Posted by Vikash Kumar on August 10th, 2019

People are now very much concerned about the safety of their home and loved ones. Hence, they mainly rely on the CCTV cameras. But, it is also true that cameras that are clearly seen are not so much effective when it comes to home safety. It is because people know where the safety cam is placed. So what is the solution? Spy Shop Online – a leading provider of safety and surveillance tools has a number of uniquely designed spy cameras.

Top 5 Safety Cameras for Home Security

The following are the best and top-rated spy cameras that can be used for home as well as office security:

  1. Spy Alarm Table Clock Hidden Camera HD with Motion Detection

Features and Benefits

  • The device comes with motion detection capturing
  • The device can capture video recording and take clear photos
  • The device supports micro SD card and increase the storage capacity up to 32 GB
  • The device works as a normal digital alarm table clock as well
  1. Spy Audi Car Key Hidden Camera HD Motion Detection IR Night Vision

Features and Benefits

  • This spy camera has motion detection feature to capture every single activity
  • The device can provide the high-quality video recording and photos
  • The device has the IR night vision feature for better recording even in low light
  • The storage capacity can be increased up to 32 GB with the support of micro SD card
  • The device has USB 2.0 port to view and store the data
  1. Spy Smoke Detector Hidden Camera HD with Remote Control

Features and Benefits

  • The device has motion detection feature to capture everything around the device
  • The device provides video footage with clear sound and date and time stamp
  • The resolution of video provided by the device is 1280 x 960
  • The recording capacity can be increased up to 32 GB with a micro SD card
  1. New HD Motion Detection Spy Clothes Hook Hidden Camera DV DVR

Features and Benefits

  • A new and updated version of the previous device
  • The user can increase the storage capacity of this device up to 16GB with the help of micro SD/TF card
  • The hidden camera comes with motion activated
  • The device has USB 1.1
  • No additional software is needed to run this device
  • The spy camera has an internal Li-ion battery for longer recording
  • The camera records in the AVI format with 30 frames
  • The spy mini cam can also be used as a normal clothes hook 
  1. Spy Photo Frame Secret Camera with 2 Month Recording

Features and Benefits

  • The device can give you up to 2 months of recording
  • The spy cam has a camera of 5MP
  • The device comes with the VGA, USB and HDMI support to take the backup
  • The device can be used for home decoration

Final Takeaways

These cameras can be used by normal individuals, professionals, spy agents, media houses, etc. You can buy spy cameras online from Spy Shop Online to place inside the house, office, vehicle, etc. To know more about the range of spy cameras available and prices, visit the official website of Spy Shop Online or call them on their numbers for further queries.

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