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Posted by Maplestory2M on August 10th, 2019

Trust me that they wow classic gold are there and they will be a plague to high end guilds and that's why those classes won't be there. And one last thing. Its not bad for high raiding guilds to not bring the desireable classes. Thats how aggressive guilds works even in retail. You dont attract many or some of those specs that does worse. And sure class equilibrium in retail is a lot better. But lets be real what is the fucking diference between a warrior dps and a rogue in retail.... I dont want a single change to course balance in any way especially not"just the numbers" since that would change everything.

To me the rhetoric here shows that your used to all the modifications WOW has over the last few years and understandably to some degree people are concerned about how it will play out. WoW Classic's RPG roots are much better. Each of the other RPG's that I love don't permit 3 and 2 distinct spec options. Priests heal and Warriors have a two hander or sword and board mages get fireballs and that just how it is. WoW Classic nevertheless give you more choices than other WoW Classic RPG games.I see the point you're making. But I think people prefer what's going to take place in WoW Classic well then what is happening in contemporary wow. And what's happening in contemporary wow is that there is not any real distinction and Effectiveness between the courses as it is now.

Every class has a heel. Every course has a cc. Every class has a cleanse. Every class has utilities which are ultimately the same. Just as in each class each spec has Antonio, has its own son, has its this or that. While I see the point you were making about WoW Classic World of Warcraft, I think people might prefer being stuck into specific roles and constraints then to look at their class at everybody else's class in understand that there's nothing particular about them.I do not find a issue with class balancing in WoW Classic concerning class representation. Mostly because of this"difficutly" of this raids in vanilla WoW - they'll be simple as hell. There simply won't be a need to pile courses to overcome encounter dps wise. It is not gont occur. Why? It didn't happen back then either.

Blizzard is the same company it was back then buy classic wow gold They will ONLY alter WoW Classic for the worst. Each of the devs that understood how make enhance WoW Classic are all gone. Did you even think this thru for a second? Let's say they buff the danger generation or something for port pallys in order that they can tank better Where is this vent pally tier set coming from then lawbringer(tier1) and decision (tier2) possess zero block or dodge, parry modifiers onto them? Oh let us just copy paste the warrior's collection? Nope pallys also had mana problems in long struggles as in almost any raid boss. And their goes the class dream and individuality exactly like it did in retail. We wanted WoW Classic were getting WoW Classic warts and all.

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