Never Do These Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Canadian Visa Application

Posted by WVP International on August 10th, 2019

Canada is a wonderful country that has a warm welcoming attitude for all the immigrants. Many people live to go and settle in this country as they can enjoy a standard of life without any tension. Although the visa process is much suppler than many of the neighboring countries, there are certain mistakes that you need to avoid getting the assurance of for the approval of a Canadian visa. The Best Immigration Consultants In Delhi For Canada always take care of those aspects so that none of the application of their customers is rejected for those mistakes.

Here are the mistakes suggested by the Best Immigration Consultants In Delhi For Canada that you need to avoid:

1. Wrong Information: Do you know that even the spelling mistake can be considered as the wrong or misrepresentation of the information? Apart from that, forged information can be a major reason for visa rejection. Make sure all the documents you will submit there are original. Never put any incorrect information like academic qualification or experience that can question your credibility.

2. Incomplete Application Form: The Best Immigration Consultants In Delhi For Canada will always tell you to fill up the application form with full diligence. Many people leave the areas blank as those are not applicable for them but how many of them know that this is a major reason for a form rejection. If you find any field which is not applicable for you, simply write ‘Not Applicable’; but never leave it blank. There are also some people who don’t fill up certain fields that need repetition. Signature is another important factor that decides the fate of the application.

3. No Signature: It is a very common scenario that the applicants forget to sign in the application form. You can see the page of Additional family Information where the applicant needs to sign three times and most of the time they just do one signature at the bottom of the page and miss remaining two. In another scenario, if the applicants sign mistakenly in the place of translator when they don’t need the service, the form will be canceled.

4. Mistake in payment: The Best Immigration Consultants In Delhi For Canada prefers online payment for the visa as it will not cause the delay. In case you pay the fees for the Right of Permanent Residence through bank draft, then it will be returned to you. While transferring the amount, make sure the amount is exact otherwise the application will not be accepted.

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