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Posted by himanshu raletta on August 10th, 2019

What Is Technology?

 Technology is a source and infrastructure of knowledge devoted to creates tools and securities process process business of materials and options. The term of technology is very easy, and everyone has use this way of understand its means and uses. We use technology to various tasks and process in our daily routine we can describe technology as product and process used to easily our daily routine and daily purpose. We use technology to extend our qualities making people the most advanced part of any technological purpose.

                                   PARTS OF TECHNOLOGY 

Knowledge, Engineering,Procedure , Science, Skill,

Tools, Utensil, Equipment, Invention, Machinery. And many oher sources


that includes mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, information engineering, computer science and many others.RALETTA  as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing and also they make work easy apporopriate the social factor.


E commerce Explained for relatta commerce is just the process of buying and selling  by electronic means mobile application and Internet. Ecommerce says to both online retail  electronic transactions they also use in mobiles and many banks.related to always for financial purpose

Browse these Top Picks to discover the study apps and websites that support core literacy phonics, fluency,rand writing  also find recommendations for quality assistive technology to support kids who are struggling with mainly system is un useful for us

For today students smartphones are essential tools for processing and documenting the world. A field trip offers the perfect platform to show students how phones can offer extra context to their experiences, not distracting but enhancing. This blog post from Common Sense Education shares three ideas to try.and some thing new operates


Turn travel time during a family trip into a great bonding and learning adventure with activities that build language for literacy and boost development. fun ideas for singing,reading, and sharing family stories together.mainly things can use and outpit is completely focus on technology


Fts provide alternate versions of print-based books that function in much the same way as a textbook. Learn about the different kinds of a confirmes the outputformats,some issues are creating including digital talking books, enlarged text, another system, There are some others factors combined to all technology saves the counting.




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