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Posted by markwahl barg on August 10th, 2019

It is not the water that leaves unsightly stains, but substances such as lime, salt or even iron are responsible for the impurities. If we only came in contact with distilled water, we would not have to remove any water stains. Incidentally, the stains can be avoided in most cases.

Anyone who ensures that the water drops cannot penetrate the material, but roll-off, also does not have to deal with water spots. For example, there are rain deflectors for the windshield of the car. These agents are applied to the windshield and polished.

Of course, they can not only be applied to car glass, but you can also protect your glass table in the living room as well as the wall in the shower from water stains. Also on shoes, leather or car seats, the stains can be avoided by a professional impregnation. Read on following tips given by commercial laundry.

Clothing: remove water stains:

Water stains on clothing can easily be removed with water. Put the garment in the washing machine and clean it at the usual temperature. After drying, nothing is left of the stains.

Remove water stains from suede shoes:

This trick works well with suede shoes. If spots have developed on the suede, proceed as follows:

- Evenly spray the shoes with water so that the suede is completely soaked.

- Then stuff them with newspaper and

- Set to dry in a warm place, but not directly near the heater or the oven.

- After drying, the water spots have disappeared. Now you only have to roughen the suede with a suede brush.

Remove water stains from delicate clothing:

If the water drips on a delicate garment, such as a silk tie that you cannot put in the washing machine, use cold water and a dash of vinegar:

- In the handbasin or in the bathtub that is depending on the size of the garment let cold water.

- Add a dash of vinegar and

- Now immerse the textile completely under.

- Leave the clothes in the water bath for about three minutes, moving them slightly back and forth. Do not rub over the stains.

- Then get the laundry out of the water and push it out very easily.

- Then put it on a thick terry towel,

- Pull it into shape and let it dry.

If you are still not able to get rid of these stains, you can use commercial laundry for the best cleaning.

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