The Hidden Islands

Posted by annil chauhan on August 10th, 2019

The Other Venice: Discover the Hidden Islands

  1. Mazzorbo is a small island where to discover the church of Santa Caterina.
  2. Burano is an island of 7,000 inhabitants and an influx of tourists, which houses a "Crucifixion" of Tiepolo.
  3. Torcello, the island inhabited for a longer period continued throughout the lagoon, hides a jewel, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta.

Venice is a city of being lost, hiding among its hundreds of bridges and thousands of corners that attract a complex mapping in the shape of fish. However, beyond the Rialto Bridge and St. Mark's Square is home to another complete Venice caches and hidden treasures. You can use spydialer to get information from anyone.

It is the city that most tourists do not see, but who live in the real Venetians, away from the hustle and bustle, the flashes of the cameras and the worldly hustle and bustle of the city's city scene. Never rest, and that every day receives the visitor.

Other than Venice is hidden for centuries in the lagoon, populated by dozens of small islands whose inhabitants come to pass the life with the sky on the head and the water under his feet on a slow course, calm, with an air of old. From what you think Nuova should take a Vaporetto, take the visitor to these other places, outside and are quickly forgotten, but that one day were important centers of business and exchange of cultures.

This is the case of Mazzorbo, a small island about half an hour by boat from the Serenissima, hidden after the Murano and San Michele cemetery of the island. A quiet place where you can stroll and discover the church of Santa Caterina, of the fourteenth century, or vineyards that for centuries, are determined to survive in this hostile and humid environment.

With cross just a bridge, Mazzorbo residents can reach Burano which should not be confused with the much larger Murano, famous for its glass craftsmanship, an island of about 7,000 inhabitants to an influx of tourists, who are busy seeing your chains without the openings and shoves of Venice.

However, the island no longer has to offer the visitor. From the church of San Martin, which leans more and more tower over the years to give up the foundations on which it is built, the Museum of Wool Lace, crafts a much appreciated in the area and that it houses a Crucifixion of Tiepolo.

But the main attraction of Burano is, without a doubt, their houses painted in several colors, which are reflected in the water of the canals and the stained glass windows shop. An island that seems almost impossible, built for the pleasure of the man, until the squawks of the seagulls alert us fishing that come to the fish market and that the daily life continues here as elsewhere.

Torcello retired

Against the dozens of bars and restaurants and souvenir shops, ready to welcome tourists to Burano, the island of Torcello almost feels a place at the end of the lagoon, a place to retire. What must have the thought of the American writer Ernest Hemingway, who had taken refuge in a small hotel on the island at the end of the Second World War to write his novel, on the other side of the river and among the trees?

However, this island, now devoid of canals like their neighbors because of diseases, whose forced dispersal to drain most of the land, has come to exceed 20,000 inhabitants today just live here two dozens of people and is the only inhabited island by a more continuous period of the lagoon.

Here is a jewel that recalls the past of this place, the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, at the beginning of the first millennium, a Byzantine construction that does not detract from San Marcos's own, except perhaps for its size, much more modest. Its walls are covered with gold mosaics, representing the Virgin Mary, Jesus and at the bottom of the ship, an impressive Final Judgment.

Besides the most modest church of Santa Fosca, Greek cross and dome rise almost flat. And opposite, another of the myths of the island of Torcello, the throne of Attila, which, according to legend, the ancient inhabitants of the coast of the peninsula had forced to flee to the island in the middle of the lagoon.

The canal that takes the visitor to the center of this island, today almost deserted, tiny pier is only crossed by a bridge, the devil, whose name may come from an ancient family of Torcello and constitutes, with the point of bridge anchorage of the Cannaregio district, the only Venetian origin style of the lagoon.

From Torcello is always can continue to cross the still and gray waters of the lagoon, between posts that line the roads and flying seagulls. Sant'Erasmo, Vignola or Lido, all in the same area of the lagoon, hiding other secrets to discover, other stories to tell.

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