Have you seen wax stains? Here are the tips:

Posted by markwahl barg on August 10th, 2019

As suggested by laundry near me service, here you can read with which methods and which home remedies white and colored wax spots can be removed without leaving any residue.

Remove home remedies for wax stains:

As romantic as candlelight may be, unfortunately, it does not stay out of time that the hot wax runs on the tablecloth or drips on the clothing, the sofa or the floor when lighting. If you are particularly fast, you can use a kitchen or toilet paper to absorb the still hot, liquid wax if necessary.

If this is not possible because there is already a thin skin on the wax stains, you should never rub. Wait until the wax has set so as not to push it deeper into the tissue. The hard wax stains can be scraped off mechanically using a knife.

If you try to wash out the wax stains, you must choose a temperature that is well over 40 degrees. Because wax is not soluble in water and begins to melt only at 40 degrees. However, do not forget to follow the manufacturer's instructions for your textile.

Remove wax stains from clothing:

Wax can be removed from the clothing both by heat and cold. For rugged fabrics, you can work at high temperatures, while delicate fabrics work better with the freeze method.

Remove wax stains from clothing with heat:

For cotton or linen, follow these steps:

- Put a clean kitchen paper (or blotting paper) under the wax stains and one over it.

- Turn on the iron and turn the temperature knob to the highest setting.

- Iron over the contamination until the two kitchen papers have absorbed all the wax from the clothing.

- You may need to slip the papers several times to always have a free, absorbent spot available.

If the wax stains cannot be removed without residue, then place the garment in the washing machine and clean it at the highest possible temperature.

Remove wax stains from clothing with freezing:

On the other hand, if your garment is made of a delicate material, such as wool, silk or viscose that cannot be hot-ironed, use the freezing method:

- First, let the wax stains in the air cure completely.

- Then put the garment in a freezer bag and put it in the freezer compartment of your fridge or the freezer.

- Wait at least three hours before removing the textile from the freezer.

- Now take a knife without a serrated edge (for example a butter knife) and carefully lift the hard-frozen wax stains from the fabric.

If you are still failed to remove stains, the best option is to use laundry near me service.

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