5 Issues resolved with An Employee Time And Attendance Software

Posted by Cuckoo Tech on August 11th, 2019

The incorporation of employee time and attendance software assures accuracy in record-keeping and helps in increasing employee compliance to attendance and punctuality. Many cost-related issues are the direct result of outdated tracking systems be it manual records, punch cards, excel sheets, etc. These can be easily resolved with the use of time and attendance software. Here are some common benefits of using time attendance software.

1. Avoiding Time Theft

Accountability is the primary expectation a company has when it hires an employee. When an employee logs in at work, he is being remunerated for his skills. But there are cases where an employee fails to deliver his promise, on purpose, which can be termed as time theft. Time theft could occur in many forms. Some common examples would be frequent breaks for tea/coffee/ smoking, longer lunchtime, arriving late and leaving early (without formal notice), not working on the job although being physically present, etc.

But when an organization has installed Time Attendance System, HR managers can easily find out about these time thefts and take necessary action. This also forces employees to be more accountable.

2. Improved Data Accuracy

Since there is no manual recording of time and attendance of employees, there is very little scope for data inaccuracy. And if you decide to go in for a biometric time attendance system then there is 0% scope for data inaccuracy. Time Attendance Software ensures timely capturing of accurate data and also provides reports and analysis which would otherwise take a very long time to prepare and present from traditional methods.

3. Avoiding Buddy Punching

Buddy punching is one common malpractice faced by organizations that rely on punch cards /manual systems for employee arrival and departure tracking. Buddy Punching practice is unethical and costs the company dearly. With a biometric time attendance tracker, buddy punching becomes impossible. A biometric time attendance scanner uses fingerprints, handprints, or iris scans – all of which are unique to every individual, thus leaving no scope for buddy punching.

4. Accurate Leave/Absenteeism Capture

Too much employee absenteeism can adversely impact an organization’s productivity. In a large organization, employees’ absenteeism may go unnoticed. Also, the absence of a team member results in increasing the workload of the other members of the team, which could also affect the quality of deliverables. A modern-day time attendance system would allow the management to easily pullout attendance reports over a period of time and catch the regular defaulters too.

5. No lost ID Cards/Tags issue

If yours is a company that still relies on ID cards/ tags to track time and attendance, it is quite certain that you have realized how cumbersome and expensive the whole process is turning out to be. Right from taking employee photographs to the final allocation of cards to the setting up of the scanning machinery, the entire system is rampant with expenses. And do not forget the situations that keep coming up about an employee losing the ID card/ tag. And what about the new cards you have to make when a new employee joins the workforce? So, such a system is not only cumbersome, expensive but also always demanding a lot of time and attention.

With a biometric time and attendance system in place, you can register the biometric features like their fingerprint, palm print, face and iris scan in a single session. Such data is then stored in the database and can be accessed each time an employee arrives and leaves the office premises. Your employees need not carry any sort of cards or tags. Moreover, the same software can cater to a large number of employees and you can add or modify the database each time an employee leaves or a new one joins.

So, is your organization ready to combat these issues? Contact CuckooTech today to know more about their employee time and Attendance Software.


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