7 Ways How Client Portal can Become A Freelancer’s Saviour

Posted by CRMJetty on August 12th, 2019

If you are a freelancer, your inbox never sleeps. Nor does your phone, or your messages, or you. You know exactly what I am talking about if you have ever answered calls from clients at 11 in the night saying that they can’t find a draft from the previous week.
This communication and management gets more difficult when you have more clients. This is why you should take advantage of technology and invest in a WordPress client portal. It can be your respite from multiple emails and spruce up the way you manage all the projects that you are working on.
If you don’t depend on simply email, then you have a document collaboration software, a communication software, file-sharing software and a completely different one for managing your contracts with each client. You can have all of it in one place. Let’s look at how a client portal can benefit you.
Professional appearance:
This client portal works in connection with WordPress so it can look like a part of your website with matching or complementing theme. A visually cohesive platform inspires trust in your brand and navigating the portal already feels familiar because of the similar navigation on your website.
With the WordPress customer portal, you don’t have to dig out old emails from clients to double-check, a detail you or they may have mentioned at the beginning of your work relationship. You can simply tap into the individual client’s conversation thread and get all the required details from right there.
It is very difficult to establish a work-life balance when you are a freelancer. The only way to do it is to make sure your clients know when to contact you based on your availability. Therefore, you can mark your office hours in the WordPress client portal’s calendar. This is also useful when it comes to scheduling weekly or monthly meetings with each client.
Software ease:
Not all clients are equal. Some may know how to use all the various collaboration and communication tools you use, and some may find it extremely difficult. Therefore, a simple, intuitive client portal where everything is in a way that the meaning is clear helps your client as well as you. The chances of your client coming back to you for more work are higher if they find it easy to work with you. Additionally, they are less likely to send lengthy emails to you if they can get the work done in a hassle-free manner.
Expansion options:
If you begin from providing one service like content writing, the portal will have modules that fit that requirement. But if you expand and provide more services like photography or graphic designing, you can easily add modules that respective clients require for it. You don’t have to have separate client portals for it, just like you won’t require a different website for each skill in your portfolio.
Contract management:
More or less all clients will require you to sign contracts. While you can get physical copies of them if they are local, it is difficult to do the same for international clients. Therefore, a contract management option inside your WordPress customer portal can be helpful so that you can sign the required documents from within the portal and all concerned parties can have access to it at all times.
Clients can get their own login credentials that you can generate easily. This way they can be sure that their data is safe with and no one else gets access to it without the credentials.
In this day of working from anywhere, no one is at a desk all 5 days of the week and as freelancers, you need your offices in your laptops. And just because you are a freelancer, you don’t have the right to slack off and provide less satisfactory customer service. In order to stand out in the crowd of freelancers, and to make your mark in the service industry at the same time, you need a professional and easy to use client portal to complement your WordPress website!

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