5 Tips for Recruiters to Make Interviews More Effective

Posted by JamesCooper on August 12th, 2019

Recruiters are often delegated the task of finding the right person for the job. You might know from your experience that it is very challenging from the candidate’s perspective. But with competency-based interview training and some things, you can ease the process and take everyone along. You can make better decisions with the use of these tips:

1-Learn About the Candidate First

You should come prepared at the interview, which means going through the candidates’ LinkedIn profile and cover letter. You can also make notes on the areas that you have some questions about. If there is any documentation, you need to make the candidate aware of it in advance.

2-Ask the Right Questions

When you ask the right questions, you will be able to find the primary reason why the candidate is looking for the job. Doing this helps you match the skills, experience, and credentials with the best job opportunity. Some questions you want to ask are:

  •                Which is your favorite place of employment?
  •                In the past 12 months, where you have given the interviews?
  •                Which offers have you received and which ones have you rejected?
  •                How soon can you join the job?

3-Seek Clarifications Where Necessary

You have asked a question to the candidate and have received a confusing answer. Or there is some more information that is needed. In such situations, you should seek clarification with the help of additional questions. 

If the candidate has used some specific words in the resume, you will have to ask him about them. The primary objective is to ensure that you get the full picture of the person’s experience in the initial interview.

4-Listen Patiently During Interviews

Another crucial thing about a successful job interview is making sure you are listening to what the candidate is saying. Try to read between the lines when someone is speaking.

Never assume vague things. You should clearly understand what jobs the candidate may have taken in the past and what he is looking in the future.

5-Show Enthusiasm about The Role That You are Interviewing

Candidates prefer to work with someone they like. If you are enthusiastic and energetic about the company, it will increase the energy levels of the candidate as well.

Finally, Stay In Touch With the Candidate You Interview

Give updates to then candidates instantly and go for competency-based interview training to enhance the skills.

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