Divorce And Legal Separation How Are They Similar And Dissimilar?

Posted by Carl Glendon on August 13th, 2019

When you have to deal with a failing marriage, legal separation and divorce are the two options that you can consider. Both of these are useful and valid options, and you need to take time to consider the one that seems to be better in your case. It can be confusing to determine whether to opt for a divorce or a legal separation. In order to arrive at a decision, it is essential for you to know the emotional and legal impacts of both possibilities and carefully weigh your options. It often rests on one’s personal preference whether he / she should choose a Legal Separation in California over divorce or vice versa. Find out how the two are alike and unlike.


The impacts of the two are similar in numerous ways. Both of these can create a distance between you and your husband / wife.

• You will have separate finances

• You will live isolated from each other

• Court will order spousal support (referred to as alimony in case of a divorce), division of debts and marital assets, child support, child custody.

Both legal separation document and divorce create a big division in the lives of couples and state financial boundaries and rules that you are supposed to abide by. For more information about a marriage separation agreement, please visit this website.


When you divorce, unlike what happens with a legal separation, your marriage has a formal termination. You are not married to one another for any more time. You can remarry freely or are free to live your life as a single individual and move ahead. But in case of a legal separation form, you stay married legally to one another. You have to go on stating in insurance forms, bank papers and other documents that you are married. Remarriage is impossible, and you still retain the right of inheritance from one another.

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