How to keep your business safe from cyber threats?

Posted by Netlogyx IT Services on August 13th, 2019

A few years ago cybercrime was something reserved for large businesses with lots of money, sometimes it was straight theft and sometimes extortion or a mixture. Most large businesses spend a huge amount of money to ensure they are very well protected, so it’s very difficult to hack into them or cause them much concern. Because of this many cyber criminals are turning to smaller businesses for the easier pickings they provide. Taking a little from a lot of people is often easier that a lot from a few well protected companies. It’s now not a question of are you likely to become a victim of - but when will you be. Your IT Company on the Gold Coast is your best bet for full protection; they have the resources to safeguard you.

Some Statistics you need to know

  • Over 43% of cyber-attacks are against small businesses
  • Over 60% of businesses are forced out of business after a cyber attack
  • Only 14% of small businesses have adequate protection from cyber attacks
  • % of all data breaches are directly caused by malicious intent. System failure and human error together account for the rest

So What Can You DO

  • Develop a Good Password Strategy

Many passwords are way too simple and easy to crack with the right computer program. They will enter all your details including your birth dates, wedding dates and all the letters of all your families and friends names, addresses and any information they can find about you. Then in a matter of seconds every possible combination of all the information will be run until, bingo, your passwords are found.

You need to enforce a strict random password policy using letters, number and symbols, with all your staff and change them monthly. When it’s too hard then many hackers will move on to easier prey.

Secure (VDR) Virtual Data Rooms

Storing data in a VDR is a good way to keep it secure as they are very hard to hack into.

Virtual data rooms are used for storing information such as:

  • Financial information
  • Bank and investment information
  • Employee details
  • Legal documents, partnership agreements, land deed records
  • Taxation information
  • Intellectual property information

Get Proper Cyber Security Insurance

This is important as after a cyber-attack you may be liable for damages because you failed to provide adequate data protection of other people property or details.

Internal Threats

It’s important to be aware and take precautions against internal threats as 55% of cyber-attacks are from someone inside the company. Over 30% are done by malicious employees the rest by human error. So you need to secure yourself in all areas.

Talk with an IT Expert

Your IT support expert on the Gold Coast is ideally situated to help you find the right solution for your business. They have the knowledge and resources to help provide your business with a cost effective, total protection package as they provide for all your IT needs.

Cybercrime is now so well automated that they have bots just looking for opportunities such as small unprotected businesses. Anywhere where customer or employee records are kept is an ideal target where they can steal data and access bank accounts, social security information and tax records for malicious purposes.

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