Key Job Positions in the Domain of Cloud Computing

Posted by Great Learning on August 13th, 2019

Cloud-computing basically refers to the on-demand availability of computer system resources, without any kind of direct active management by the user. These resources largely include data storage and computing power. The system of cloud computing is now commonly used in organizations across the planet. Both medium and largescale businesses tend to seek out the services of cloud computing in order to ensure the smooth functioning of their IT related tasks.

The rising popularity of the system of cloud computing across the world has subsequently resulted in a growth in the demand of IT professionals specializing in this domain. With every passing day, more and more companies are going through strategic digital transformations and striving to leverage the power of cloud computing. These companies thereby also need IT professionals and leaders having expertise and knowledge to extract premium business results out of the investments done in private clouds, hybrid clouds, as well as public cloud processes. People planning to make their career in this domain, can easily choose to seek out cloud computing online training from any renowned e-learning platform offering such programs.

The domain of cloud computing is one of the most exciting and rewarding employment fields in the modern IT domain. Professionals belonging to this field often have to deal with the planning, developing, testing and implementation of various types of IT projects related to the cloud computing domain. This field can be ideal for candidates who desire to switch from the old and traditional IT practices, to more advanced, innovative and faster methods.

After completing a comprehensive cloud computing course online, candidates can choose to seek out employment opportunities in multiple positions in an organization. Here are some of the key employment positions present in the domain of cloud computing:

  • Cloud architect: These professionals would be required to spearhead the development, as well as the implementation of various cloud-based initiatives of an organization. These initiatives are focused on making sure that their IT systems are reliable, secure, supportable and scalable. The cloud architects focus on ensuring the optimal IT performance of a business, while also meeting its key budgetary objectives.
  • Cloud software engineer: These professionals tend to be responsible for the design and development of diverse distributed software modules that are integrated with the relevant cloud service providers.
  • Cloud sales executive or representative: These professionals are tasked with the responsibility of developing and growing outsourced cloud business in midsize and enterprise level companies, with the help of C-level professionals.
  • Cloud engineer: These professionals are the ones responsible for planning and conducting diverse technical tasks that are associated with the implementation, and also the maintenance of the internal shared virtualized infrastructure of a company.
  • Cloud services developer: These professionals both design and build the multi-platform customer facing tools, including both management and sales interface tools. These tools serve as a gateway into how the end-users are able to consume the underline cloud resources and services.

Studying cloud computing online from any renowned edu-tech platform would be one of the most convenient methods of seeking employment opportunities in the above-mentioned positions.

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