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Posted by Shally Warner on August 13th, 2019

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Spain is a place of culinary adventures. This country has a long coastline and many groups of islands. Hence, Spanish cuisine has a distinct place for seafood. Spaniards love their seafood. Any Spanish restaurant in the world has some of the seafood dishes on their menu. Spain has different regional seafood specialities. You really cannot choose one dish over another. But, some Spanish seafood dishes have gained global popularity. You can try one of these mentioned dishes in one of the famous Spanish restaurants Margate FL or nearby area.

Paella de Mariscos

Paella is synonymous to Spain. It is a rustic and hearty meal prepared with rice, herbs, vegetables and meat or fish or seafood. Paella with a lot of shrimp, lobster, mussels, prawns and flavoured with garlic, paprika and saffron sounds heavenly. The taste is just too much delicious for anyone from the country or for one who is just trying out some Spanish dish.

Bacalao Pil Pil

Basque Country region is one of the famous places in Spain. This region has a distinct culture and cuisine which are different from the rest of Spain. It is salted codfish fried in olive oil and reasoned with garlic. The dish has a thick emulsion like sauce. There are not many Spanish restaurants Margate FL which serve Basque cuisine. But if you find one, try this dish for sure.

Oysters or Ostras

These are Spanish oysters and they are having special aphrodisiac properties for the person who tastes them. They use fresh oysters and you can really appreciate it with a glass of white wine. There are some people who like to have marinated oysters and others go for the raw ones.

Bullit de Peix

A world-famous dish from Ibiza. It is a two-course meal. Usually, sea bream, John Dory, monkfish or grouper and other fishes are used to make the dishes. The first dish is a boiled dish. Fish fillets are boiled with a spice mixture called sofrito. It contains cuttlefish. The second one is Arroz a banda and is eaten with an aioli or a garlic vegan mayo prepared from olive oil and fish broth.

Razor clams or Navajas

These are made of fishes called razor shells and they are named Navajas in the local language. They are high prized and rich in flavour. These are fancy foods and would look simple ones when they are brought in front of you. These are expensive and are found mostly in Galicia area. These fishes are grilled and then served with lemon. The olive oil and a little seasoning of garlic make it tastier.

Pulpo a la Feria

The famous dish is made with octopus. Boiled octopus is served with thin slices of fried or boiled potatoes and seasoned with paprika, salt and olive oil. If you are an adventure lover try this dish from Spanish restaurants Pembroke Pines fl. The Galician octopus is served on a wooden dish – as per the old tradition.

If you are a foodie, you will find these dishes tasty and have varied ways to rattle your taste buds. Make sure you know which of the Spanish food you are ordering and know a bit about the dish. It will inspire you to taste the delicacy with a lot of satisfaction.

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