How to ease the animal trapping process?

Posted by Rayan Gale on August 13th, 2019

Trapping has been a human tradition since early ages.The Early men used to trap for fur,for meat and for driving away certain animals.While hunting was a royal sport it has declined over the years and trapping has become a safer,protective and more animal friendly activity.

Modern traps comes in all sizes and shapes to trap a small animal like a raccoon as well as to trap a wild and huge animal like a bear.They range from collapsable steel traps to plastic traps which may be an easy set trap or a professional one. Animal trapping services are meant to just carry the four-legged creatures from one place to another and not hurt them!

The Pet cages are designed to carry your pet from one place to another. As such they have wheels added for easy transportation.If you own a pet and are moving from one town to another, they can be easily put into a wheel and axle kit like the one built by the No-Nuisince brand. This will provide efficient and safe transportation of your pet. Another incidence is when you are trapping a wild creature like a boar or a wolf that has somehow escaped its natural habitat then you need a device that only traps them and not hurt them.The Pet cage by No-nuisince is one such device which will let you leave them in the forest/wild area without either the animal or the trapper getting hurt.

Traditional trapping is a violent practice which involved using steel-jaw leg hold traps,body gripping trap and wire neck snares which are classified as Inhumane devices by both the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Animal Hospital Association. They were designed as such that as soon as the animal enters the cage the cage door snaps shut hurting the limb or tail of the animal.They did not mean to kill the animal but ultimately many animals die trying to free themselves either chewing their own limb or due to pain,choking,shock or excessive bleeding.This is a cruel practice and was meant to be stopped.

The newly designed transport unit called FAMS(Flex Axle Mobility System) is designed to safely transfer your pet or in case of zoo-keepers transfer the wild from one place to another in a safe and secure manner.The easily installable wheel and axle kit is ready within five minutes and easily transportable. They are made by the No-nuisince company and the devices are delivered within a week. They use good quality material and provide a 30 day warranty period.

Now that you know that animal trapping and transportation is easier than ever before why not purchase such a system which is easy to install and safe for your fur buddy!

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