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Buy Prepaid Travel SIM Cards

Posted by prepaidsims on August 13th, 2019

There are many options. If you will be traveling only within the US, then (almost) any prepaid SIM card from Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile will do. Of course, their rates and pre-paid plans vary from time to time… sometimes more often that we would like…you know, competence is hard. buy usa prepaid sim cards

So, as we don’t know your travel dates, maybe getting into their respective web sites and searching in there for “prepaid plans” or “prepaid SIM” would be enough to get the latest and most current information. Bear in mind that there could be a price for the SIM itself and then you have to ask if that includes already some money, some credit… probably not…and you will have to load your SIM with some amount of money that will allow you to make certain number of phone calls, send some texts and use certain amount of DATA. These are the prices you have to find out based on the length of your trip and your requirements (if you need voice of only data, for instance). 

Also, you need your cell phone to be unlocked in order to be able to put in a US SIM card, otherwise, if it is locked to your home network it won’t work. data only sim card usa

Once this has all been said, here is the solution I use for my travels, almost worldwide, not only to the AUS. 

Last but not least and very important, at least to me: If you travel often, not only to the AUS but to many other countries, you can consider a global data SIM card. That is what I use and has worked wonders for my global connectivity needs. 

This is a common and standard reply I give when people ask me about SIM cards for traveling purposes: 

First a little disclaimer: I have no relationship with this company except being a customer a very satisfied customer, nothing else.  data only sim usa

I have found and used what, up to now, works for me as a phenomenal solution to get DATA (data only) on your cell phone while traveling to many countries worldwide. 

The original background story is: I needed to buy a Data SIM that worked across many countries in Europe, as I will be driving across for about a month, buying local SIMs didn't work well, because I'd needed data while on the road and I wouldn't be changing SIMs at the moment of crossing borders... (The few borders nowadays in Europe, anyway!)... Also, paying prepaid just for about 2 days per country would be overkill. 

Keeping your number 

Whatever you do, don't just jet off to Europe and start using your phone. Set yourself up in advance with some sort of roaming plan. Life hacker (2) and Engadget (3) have covered the subject pretty well, so I won't bore you by regurgitating everything they've said. The takeaway from both of them is the following:  international sim card for usa

If you're not on AT&T or T-Mobile, you're probably out of luck. Verizon, Sprint, and other CDMA carriers won't even get a signal in Europe (unless you're using a special "world phone" and you'd probably know it if you were). 

Be prepared to pay unfathomably high prices. AT&T offers a roaming data plan for per month and that gives you 50 megabytes (for perspective, this is 40 times as expensive per megabyte as the local rate). At the high end you can pay 0 for 800MB of data (that's still the equivalent of 20 times the going rate back home).

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