Personal Protective Equipment required for the Construction Industry

Posted by Aaryan Smith on August 14th, 2019

In the construction industry, the requirement of PPE manufacturers in India for the workers is considered to be the last line of defence. The supervisors are recommended to employ engineering controls to safeguard against unwanted accidents and prevent the workers from any injury. PPE comes to the rescue when any of the former measures fail and are not-feasible to implement.  All the employers are required to take care of their workers in all their might as they are the resources of the company and they are supposed to put their hands in dangerous tasks for which they need the appropriate equipment as deemed important by the employers.

In order to prevent the workers in the best way possible, employers can follow the following list of personal protective equipment for their workers:

1) Industrial safety helmets for head protection: A construction site is highly dynamic. The hard hats provide a safe zone from the flying and falling objects causing a head striking injury. They provide insulation from electric shocks as well. It is required for everyone to wear hard hats at the sites so that they are able to work in their safety zone. Remember to review the safety helmets by the safety head cap manufacturers to look for cracks and dents before each use so that the damaged helmets can be discarded or replaced.


2) Hearing protection: According to OSHA, hearing protection must be provided to the workers when the noise levels cannot be reduced at the worksite. Hearing protective aids as produced by the ppe manufacturers of India are earplugs and earmuffs which require special competency to fit the ear. The employers or supervisors need to take care of their hirings so as to let them work in a safe zone!

3) Industrial safety eyewear and face protection: Eyes and face protection save the workers from hazards like flying particles, molten metal, liquid chemicals, acids, caustic liquids, chemical gases, vapours and light radiation. The required protective equipment recommended are disposable facemask, industrial safety goggles and safety glasses must be provided on the basis of the hazards they were designed to protect the workers from.


PPE by the ppe manufacturers in India are required to safeguard the workers from the hazards which cannot be controlled with the help of engineering or administrative fixes when accidents occur.

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