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Posted by Rihanna Dsouza on August 14th, 2019

May 4 is celebrated as the anti-bullying day. Bullying can be found in different areas and within people of different age group. It is an aggressive and unwanted behavior of some children and adults towards their peers. They try to show the power difference between bullying and bullied people.

Bullying leaves a remarkable impact on both the bullied and bullying people, especially children. The repeated act of bully also leads some of the children to the verge of suicide. Many case studies showed that children prone to continuous bullying commits suicide or end up with an inferior personality.

The anti-bullying day is an initiative to stop the showcase of power difference at schools. The major aim is to Stop Bullying in School. Children are sensitive to these activities. Good act of sympathy can turn them into good peoples, and a bad act like a bully will do the opposite.

Many times parents take the matter into their hands, which does not end on good terms. Holistic learning does a 60-minute workshop on How To Prevent Bullying in Schools. In it, they show the bad effect of bullying and how to induce good and helping nature.

They are an organization which is focused on developing the emotional, intellectual, and creative aspect of the children. They also promote yoga, stress management, and time management to make the children physically and mentally healthy. They aim to help the children to connect better with their peers and face their own problems.

There are a few things the schools should do to prevent these activities from happening.

  1. Students should learn about bullying attitudes and languages- 

It will help them in identifying their bullying nature and allow the parents to take countermeasures. Their curriculum must include a constructive attitude and communication skills. It will develop a sympathetic personality within the children.

  1. Schools should have a group of people who will look at bullying complaints- 

These incidents should not be taken care of by parents. The school should have a team who will look into these complaints and take proper steps to Prevent Bullying in School. The school must let their students who are involved in bullying to counselors and psychiatrist to avoid the situation from happening again.

  1. Motivational classes-

Motivational classes are great Bullying Prevention Activities For Schools. Motivational discussions make children sympathetic and self-aware.  The children should know that bullying children show this attitude because once they were a victim. They try to surround themselves with people who are inferior to them. Motivational discussions should let the children know that everyone is equal, and there is no reason for a power imbalance.

  1. Children should indulge in helping activities-

Developing a helping attitude can work against bullying. It helps in developing an empathetic perspective.

Parents should interact with their children and know what is happening in their life. It can give a clue about the type of stress and situations the child faces.

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