Warcraft Warrior Detailed Explanation

Posted by Pierre on August 14th, 2019

Warcraft Warrior Detailed Explanation

    The warrior is a career in the game "World of Warcraft" with close combat, can be a violent fighter, can also become a steel-like god, with its super resistance to damage to protect the rear teammates.

    Character Description: Warrior is a close-family-based occupation: Broken ribs can make the enemy disabling and slow down (Melee skills, slow down by 50%). Fighting roars can improve the combat ability of teammates (all teams and team members within 100 yards increase attack power by 10% for 5 minutes, generating 20 rage.) PK has low survivability (only depends on the outbreak Huge damage kills opponents or relies on various life-saving skills to get out of danger).

    Every time a normal melee attack can get a certain amount of anger (no anger, it is very limited), and then cast the next attack (lethal blow, the locals release the suppression skills when they dodge their attacks, continue to cause damage) Tearing and so on). Warrior is a diversified profession, and various skills and gestures can be applied in combat.
    A good warrior will not be obsessed with maintaining a certain posture, but will be tempered in the battle, change his posture with the environment and the situation to exert his comprehensive ability and changeable style, once a combat experienced warrior is fighting When you switch between gestures and fight in multiple styles, the warrior is the artist in the war.

    Warriors can be used as a defensive defensive shield fort, or as an invincible high-impact melee class (TBC Weapon Warrior and Double Egg Knife Violent Warrior is a strong damage output career in the Sunwell), or a collection of both. Their abilities are clearly in the category of melee art with both offensive and defensive skills; in different situations and team composition, their postures are always different strategies.

    In short, the warrior is the main candidate to attract the attention of the monster until death. Unlike other warrior characters in the game, Warrior is a very flexible profession in World of Warcraft, but the Warrior is the most in need of equipment to strengthen the profession in World of Warcraft.

    It can be equipped with all types of armor and almost all types of weapons.
    With super vitality, it can withstand considerable damage.
    Powerful close combat skills.
    A lot of equipment to choose from.
    The warrior is a veritable killing machine.

    There is no healing skill and can only be treated by food and other players.
    Very dependent on equipment and weapons.

    Professional characteristics
    Ability to equip all armor and almost all weapons. A violent stance with a one-handed weapon output requires a very high hit rate, which results in a high demand for equipment.
    Very general melee fighting skills.
    With different combat stances, you can perform well in both top and damage output.
    Excellent hate control ability, although the current hate-making of warriors is slow, DPS is the worst when doing tanks, but it has the most sensitive hate transfer ability and the most flexible mobile ability.

    At the same time, the warrior is a melee fighting profession. You also need good weapons and equipment to protect yourself. If you want to make your character more powerful, then it is recommended to use Vanilla WOW Gold to upgrade your character in the game.
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