Common Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

Posted by AdWeb Studio on August 14th, 2019

Having a stunning and compelling website is essential for any business to thrive. If you have a poorly designed website, then you will lose clients and your business will incur a loss. Unfortunately, new or small businesses often don’t understand the value the business website holds for their company. Therefore, they try to design their website to save money to be spent on hiring a professional Freelance NYC Web Designer or to have control over the project. As a result, the inexpertly designed website turns out to be poor in terms of design quality as well as communication.  

Common Web Design Mistakes:

Your website is the online representative of your company. It is the first impression your business leaves on your clients. If you are planning to design your business website then there a few common web design mistakes that you should avoid making. Some of these mistakes are discussed below:

1. There Is Too Much Going On Your Website:

When it comes to web design, simpler is better. The basic idea behind designing a website is to communicate your message to a wider audience. If there is a lot going on your website, then it will be difficult for the visitor to understand what you are trying to tell. It’s important for every element of your website to be coherent so that the visitor understands the purpose of your business within seconds.

Crowded websites offer poor user experience. They are loaded with heavy images and text and take longer to load. To avoid confusion, try not to go for loud and busy designs while designing your website.

2. There Isn’t Much Going On Your Website:

Minimalism is one of the recently introduced trends in web design. However, it works well only when it is done right. Your website should make it easier for the visitor to understand your business. The last you want your website to do is to confuse your client. Therefore, you don’t need to be cryptic while designing your website. Find a simple yet intuitive way to tell your clients who you are. Don’t rely on simple imagery. Be creative with the space you have but don’t overcrowd the landing page.

Take inspiration from web design galleries and learn how to minimally design a website that stands out.

3. Your Website Is Too Confusing:

This happens when you don’t have a clear idea of your brand image. The websites of confusing brands don’t have a unified design. Their font, images, color, and theme don’t complement each other. Such websites leave the visitors wondering the message the company is trying to convey. This happens when you like a variety of themes, colors, and images and want to put them all on one page. It also happens when you are trying to communicate a variety of ideas.

The key to an intuitive website is to stick to one theme, one font, and one logo. Do not overdo while designing your website. It will drive visitors away from your website.

4. Poor Call to Action:

It won’t be wrong to call your call to action the gateway to your business. It persuades your visitors to take action. Your call to action should be clear in telling the visitors what you want them to do. It should provide the users with information about the incentive they will receive if they respond to your call. However, don’t be authoritative in your tone. Keep your call to action concise, friendly and helpful. Make sure to position the call to action at the places where the user doesn’t find it annoying.

5. Use of Unsightly Or Irrelevant Images:

Unsightly and irrelevant images can turn off the visitors no matter how great the content on the website is. Always use high quality and relevant images that don’t confuse the readers and convey your message clearly. A good web design company takes care of these details and design a stunning website that grows your business.


A professional NYC Web Designer can help you achieve your business objectives by designing an effective website. However, if you want to save money, then do you research and avoid making the design mistakes that make your website unexciting.

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