What Should We Do When Google’s Ranking Dropped Instantly

Posted by AdWeb Studio on August 14th, 2019

Are you the digital marketer of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? Are you anxious due to the following challenges regarding the ranking procedure of Google for websites?

  • Slow ranking process of Google.
  • Drop ranking of websites.
  • Unaware of the repairing process of dropped rankings.
  • Experiencing the most limited Search traffic on sites.
  • Lack of revenues and sales due to the worst condition of the ranking method.

Now, you don’t have to be anxious in this regard. Every SEO Company Dubai is providing SEO recovery services for website ranking on SERPs of search engines. They will help you to recover declining traffic, metrics, and rankings through the method which we are going to discuss in this article.

The process of search engine optimization, link building, revenue, and sales-generating methods are strenuous tasks. Every digital marketer needs high-quality services of search engine optimization to uplift their websites on the leading searching list of different search engines. They require highly-qualified and experienced experts of SEO to tackle all issues and challenges as well. There are multiple causes behind the declining of Google’s ranking of sites. Only well-experienced SEO specialists with fabulous SEO Dubai can protect websites from declining of ranks of websites on Google. If brands and SEO services campaigns are not giving their best performance, this will be the comprehensive loss of their digital credibility in the market.

Instant Effects of Google’s Ranking Drop:

Google ranking process of sites is essential for the advancement of any online business. If your website is not present on the 1st page of Google and search engines, it means that your business is not going well. Certain modifications in the process of SEO regarding Google’s ranking indicate that SEO experts don’t have that several skills that the SEO process requires. Google’s SERPs need 90 percent clicks. If the website distinctness displays on other pages, it means the website has 90 percent traffic of users. All companies of search engine optimization help in uplifting business sites on the SERPs of all search engines.

The best company of search engine optimization will assist every business website in overcoming the following effects of Google’s ranking drop.

  • Huge reduction in web traffic of users.
  • Worst ranking of websites on Google’s SERPs lessens Google Ad Sense revenues.
  • Online services will reduce regarding product’s selling.
  •  Fewer sales and queries.
  •   Metrics will reduce drastically.
  • Search engine and the Hosting Provider of any business website start reporting site a problematic domain.
  • Google’s ranking drop will severely affect the organic search and visibility of the website.

Unfortunately, Google’s ranking drop occurs quickly. According to the research, proximately in 90 percent cases, Google hides the reasons behind back Google’s ranking drop. Google usually shares this secret with Webmaster.

Why Websites Encounter a Google’s Ranking Drop?

Google Algorithm Updates:

Google Algorithm Updates are the method of examining the performance of all websites on Google. It has become a consistent process due to illegal websites. Google consistently drops down multiple sites for the most comprehensive information for its users. Those websites that are not following Google’s commands, Google remove them from its 1st page.

Google’s Manual Activity:

The manual activity of Google is one of the major causes of Google’s ranking drop. In this activity, Google gives particular instruction to all websites regarding issues and challenges. Google does manual activity while conducting its indexing process. When Google detects something different while indexing process, it drops down the website ranking. Doubtful detections maybe consist of poor quality backlinks or plagiarize content.

Technical Pitfalls by Developers:

Sometimes few developers commit mistakes due to Google’s ranking drop. The careless flaws of developers are as follows:

  • Developers to perform the process of indexing.
  • Adding a no-follow to a page
  • Developers place 301 redirects sections of the website
  • Developers forget to give access to robots.txt.

How to Fix Business Website after a Ranking Drop?

Only the experts of SEO can help business owners to solve the challenge of Google’s ranking drop.

The process through which the experts of search engine optimization usually protect websites from Google’s ranking drop is the following:

  •  Contact Google quickly.
  • Redo the whole content of the website
  • Try to improve quality backlinks of website.
  • Try to improve the quality backlinks of a website.
  • Operate a detailed On-Page SEO analysis.
  • Update the security and hosting of the website.
  • Enhanced the activity on Google’s eco-system.

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