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Posted by Arslan on August 14th, 2019

The growing consumption of pork over the years has fuelled the demand for pig protein concentrate. Pig protein concentrate is the compound mix of various essential proteins which is fed to pigs. To offer nutrition-dense meat in the market, farmers are focusing on feeding their livestock with a highly nutritious diet. As pigs are omnivorous in nature, they require the intake of plant-based and fish products for their balanced diet. Manufacturers are focused on producing pig protein concentrate that caters to the essential diet of piglets, weaners, porkers, baconers, sows, gilts, and boars.

Pig protein concentrate has taken precedence over regular feeds, as it helps in maintaining the consistent quality of nutrients that promote fertility to the pigs. Pig protein concentrate is supplemented with gains in the diet of pigs in varying quantities based on their requirements for growing, lactating, and breeding. Pigs are being farmed along with other poultry to enhance the income of farmers. With increasing food processing industries across the world, pork production and distribution has also been increasing over the years, which is anticipated to lead to the positive growth of the global Pig Protein Concentrate Market.

Growing Nutritional Demands

Pig protein concentrate has a global demand among all farmers. Pigs are not only farmed for meat, but also involved in wider industrial applications. Farmers rely on pig protein concentrate for the efficient post-processing of pig products. The collagens obtained from pigs are being used as gelatin and face mask due to the high protein content present in them. The fatty acids obtained from pigs are often used as a fabric softener, as they provide color. The proteins obtained from the hair follicles of pigs are used to soften the dough in bakeries. More applications oriented with pig products in industries in recent years has been driving the demand for pig protein concentrates. A proper diet of pig protein concentrate not only promotes increased muscle growth, higher fertility, and keeps the pig hydrated, but also prevents disorders such as intestinal torsion and erysipelas. Prominent manufacturers are also focusing on developing a range of pig protein concentrates that align with the various health requirements and nutritional values of pigs. Since pig protein concentrate includes a variety of cereals, fish meat, and rich sources of amino acids, it can be traded at high rates than regular pig feeds, which allows high returns. As pig protein concentrates are being fed to pigs with usual grains and vegetables, a balanced diet can be ensured for the growth and development of the pigs. Since the demand for the highest consumed meat (pork) is increasing, the breeding and farming activities of pigs are increasing in recent years, which is anticipated to drive the global pig protein concentrate market in terms of value and volume.

Key players in the pig protein concentrate market include Laucke Mills, Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition, Country Acres Feeds, CopRice, Verm-X, Badminton Feeds, Allen & Page, Target Feeds Ltd, and Nutrena Animal Feeds. Globally, more manufacturers in the feed industry have been investing on the pig protein concentrate in the recent years, as it is getting commercialized.

Opportunities for Market Participants

Due to increased demand for pork meat in the food processing industries, there is a growing demand being generated for the pig protein concentrate in the past decade. As more farmers and poultry managers have been initiating pig farming in recent years, there is expected to be greater opportunity and assured higher returns for investors in the pig protein concentrate market.

Global Pig Protein Concentrate Market: Regional Outlook

Pig protein concentrate is predominantly produced and processed in Asia Pacific, especially in Japan and China, due to higher exports to food processors across the world. In the region of North America, pig protein concentrate is highly utilized due to expanding livestock in the recent years. Pig protein concentrate are consumed in high ratios in Latin America and Europe due to diverse poultry practice. In Middle East and Africa, pig protein concentrate is consumed in moderate rates, due to growing awareness of the nutritional needs of poultry. It can be implicated that, the global pig protein concentrate market is expanding globally with minimal restraints.

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