Tips and Tricks to Deal with Blocked Drains

Posted by richmondtroofing on August 14th, 2019

Are you struggling with the problem of blocked drains in the kitchen and bathroom at your home? Well, situations like blocked drains are difficult to handle by self especially when they occur on important occasions. Moreover, identifying the problem of clogged drains prior is quite hard as they are the result of month-long dirt deposition. For a severely blocked drain, a plumber in East Melbourne can help you deal with the situations.

Opting for professional plumbing services will not only help in sorting out the blocked drain situation but also help you know important tips and tricks to avoid future drainage problems. Some of the common tips shared by professional plumbers to keep the drainage system working and healthy for long are:

  • Always be active in evaluating the problem: If you are suffering from the problem of blocked drain in Toorak or any other areas, it is always recommended to evaluate the problem yourself first. It is important to be sure of the situation and understand the severity of the blocked condition. This is so because in many cases the blockage problem is minimal which can be handled at the individual level. Moreover, plumbers suggest that you should always keep an eye on your drains. This will help you avoid the severe problem beforehand, preventing difficult situations of water spillage and more.
  • Using the bacterial solution for cleaning up the drains: If you are wondering about what exactly clogs your kitchen and bathroom drains then a plumber tips will always help you. You will find that plumbers have experienced a wide variety of material which normally clogs the drain, few of them are - hairs, dirt, leftovers, grease, fungal growth and other types of organic material. For such blocked drainplumber in South Yarra suggest using bacterial solution. The solution contains active bacteria which can digest and breakdown the organic material responsible for blockage of the drains. This is considered to be the most efficient and productive methods as the bacteria are available in the form of a liquid solution or as granules. 
  • Do not rinse down the cement through the drain: Always be careful when using easy to settle material like cement or POP. If mistakenly these materials get into the drainage pipe, they settle there and clog the entire pipeline. They block the flow of other materials which later deposits and build-up day by day. Sand is another such material which is considered bad for the drainage systems. It settles down in the pipelines and builds up very strong, hard to remove clogs. Therefore, for blocked drain plumberin East Melbourne will always suggest avoiding using setting type of materials in the drains. If you want to dispose of such material always keep setting material in a bucket filled with water and dispose of in a far of place.
  • Using a lint catcher for the drains: The blocked drain problem is not limited to your kitchen and bathrooms. It can also be faced in electronics equipment like utensils washer or cloth washing machines.  Sometimes the facial tissues, small fabric, and lint in washing machines and leftovers in utensil washers sneak into the drain.If timely action is not taken to sort the problem it can cause damage to the machine. Therefore, reputed and professional plumbers expert in treating blocked drains in Toorak and nearby areas suggest the installation of lint catcher in the system.The advantage of using lint onto the drains is it captures any type of material that can cause a blockage.You can easily find these lint catchers in regular or a reputed hardware store.

If you find that the severity of the blockage is quite high and you are not able to manage yourself, always call out professional help. Seeking help and advice from the professional plumber will help to prevent any major issues and damage due to the blocked drains. A professional plumber will be well experienced and skilled to treat the problem with great ease. Moreover, they have the latest tools and equipment to free up your drains from the clogged material. 

Some of the reputed and professional plumbing service providers use high-end equipment like video pipe inspection tool. This helps the plumbers to peep into the drains and evaluate the actual location and type of the clogging material. This helps them to eliminate any kind of guesswork and saving your time which otherwise would have been invested in searching for the actual problem.

One of the reputed plumbing company which can help you with blocked drains is Richmond Plumbing & Roofing. We have experience and expertise of cleaning drains as long as 100mm to 300mm such as showers, sinks, sewer drains, stormwater drains, sink, bathroom drain, laundry trough, gully and other boundary traps. We provide services for blocked drains in East Melbourne , Richmond, Malvern, Collingwood, Fitzroy, Clifton Hill, Balwyn, Northcote, Toorak, Thornbury, South Yarra, Hawthorn, Kew and other nearby suburbs for past 40 years.

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