Increased Demand Across Tea Essence Market Driven by Technological Innovations,

Posted by Arslan on August 14th, 2019

Tea essence is extracted from brewing tea leaves. The flavour and fragrances industry is witnessing steady growth owing to which there is a substantial growth in the demand for tea essence in the global market. Tea essence also finds its application in the food and beverage industry owing to its versatile nature. The areas of application of Tea Essence include beverages, bakery, confectionary and ice cream. Increasing awareness, health consciousness and spending on personal care are some of the major drivers of the demand for tea essence in the market.

Tea essence is used to enhance the taste and flavour of food products, which boosts their appeal and makes them more favourable for consumption. This is expected to boost the demand for tea essence in the global market over the forecast period. Tea essence is used to protect our skin from antioxidants, replenish moisture and increase the luminosity of the skin, thereby maintaining the health of the skin, which is another factor expected to boost the demand for tea essence in the global market over the forecast period.

Growth of the Food and Fragrance Industry is driving the Tea Essence Market:

A global increase in the levels of pollution is encouraging consumers to adopt products that possess anti-pollutant properties, which is boosting the demand for tea essence owing to its anti-oxidant and anti-pollutant properties. Tea essence is gaining high traction in the cosmetics market owing to its skin health benefits, which has made it an essential ingredient in the production of a wide range of cosmetic products. Tea essence is scientifically recognised to safeguard against pollution and helps maintain younger-looking skin, which attracts a lot of women and makes tea essence products more favourable in the market. Tea essence has gained a considerable amount of popularity in the market in the recent years owing to consumer preference for this product due to its nourishment capabilities. Moreover, due to its versatile nature and diversified properties, tea essence finds applications in a wide range of areas, which is expected to significantly boost the demand for tea essence in the global market over the forecast period.

The key market participants identified across the value chain of the global tea essence market are Flavor Producers, Inc.; Citromax Flavors, Inc.; Doumei Flavours; Synergy Flavors; Beijing Heronsbill Food Material Co., Ltd.; Shenzhen Tangzheng Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.; Y & R International (Wuhu) Industrial Limited; Shanghai Touchhealthy Biotechnology Co., Ltd and Shaanxi Tai Ma Health Biological Co., Ltd., among others.

Opportunities for Tea Essence Market Participants:

Cumulative urbanisation has boosted the food and beverage industry, which is one of the major factors driving the tea essence market. Increasing per capita disposable income in developing countries is resulting in higher spending on personal care products by consumers, which is another driver of the tea essence market. The North American and the European regions are expected to witness a substantial growth share in the tea essence market owing to a hike in the consumption of beverages, bakery products and confectionary items. Sensing lucrative growth in the tea essence market, major players in the industry are showing keen interest in this niche market and are planning to enter this market. In the Middle East region, the consumption of scents and fragrances is very high due to its rich heritage, making it a significant consumer of tea essence in the global market, which is another factor that is expected to significantly contribute to the increasing demand for tea essence in this region over the forecast period.

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