Is there any difference between a Netgear range extender and WiFi Booster?

Posted by stevenhenson on August 14th, 2019

As we all know that the internet has become an important aspect/part of our daily or day to day lives. No matter whether it’s an official work, online shopping, online banking, downloading stuff from the internet, playing games online, entertainment and a lot more, we acquire a strong, active, continuous, and uninterrupted internet connection.

With Netgear extender setup and with the help of a fast WiFi connection, we can use the internet from anywhere inside our home. But the condition is you have to place it closer to your WiFi router to acquire good internet speed. Though the router is the essential element of our home networking system, it isn't capable of spreading the internet range all over.

So, in this scenario, we must switch to a Netgear range extender.

Is there any difference between Netgear range extender and a WiFi booster?

The straight-away answer to this question is no. There is no difference between a Netgear range extender and a WiFi booster.

A Netgear WiFi extender, range expander, signal booster or WiFi repeater is used to extend the reach of your existing WiFi network and increase the range of your main router as well. Netgear range extender and WiFi booster both are the same. There is no difference between them.

How does a Netgear extender work?

To use a Netgear extender, we need to set it up with the home WiFi router first and after that, go through the Netgear WiFi range extender setup process.

New extender setup and installation

  • Unbox your range extender.

  • Plug it to a wall socket that is closer to your main WiFi router.

  • Turn your Netgear range extender by pushing its power button.

  • Now, connect your extender and the router with each other via Ethernet cable.

  • Once you have connected your router and the Netgear extender with each other, grab a computer or laptop and connect it to Netgear range extender using a WiFi or wired Ethernet connection.

  • After that, load up a web browser.

  • Type mywifiext or into the URL bar field.

  • Hit enter and then follow the on-screen instructions given on Netgear Genie smart setup page and install your device successfully without any issue.

Note: If you are facing login issues, then you can use default Netgear default IP address ie. Also, make sure that the URL is entered correctly not into the search bar, but into the address bar field of your web browser.

Choosing a correct location to place your Netgear extender is important

  • Range extender should be placed in reach of your WiFi router.

  • It should be placed in the central location of your home.

  • To access setup and login page, your computer or laptop must be connected with the Netgear extender wired or wirelessly.

  • Place your range extender at a higher place.

  • Also, to acquire good, live, and active signals from your main router, it is essential to place your router openly at a higher shelf as well.

  • It is also essential to place your Netgear range extender away from metal appliances and electronic gadgets like microwave, toys, treadmill, juicer, mixer grinder, cordless phone, baby monitors, Bluetooth speaker, security alarms, refrigerator, automatic garage openers, etc.

  • Thick walls and reflection of mirror can also interfere.

Also, to make your router and the range extender up and running and to acquire live and active internet connection from them, make sure that the firmware on both the devices is of the latest and up-to-date version of the technology.


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