Daniel E Carpenter: Rap Addict & Barbershop Aficionado

Posted by luqmanali07 on August 14th, 2019

Not only is Daniel a rapper and a songwriter, but he is also the artist behind the hit song on Soundcloud called Benistar with which he collaborated with songwriter known as Dillingerforce.

In addition to partnering with music industry movers such as Dave Schlitzer and the President of Fraud Records to promote his talent to the world, this Simsbury, Connecticut native and rapper enjoys all sorts of music genres. His tastes include hip-hop and most-notably, barbershop music from Ed Waesche. His Grandpa used to listen to it when Daniel was with him.

Barbershop is renowned for its A cappella vocal style performance whose effect is so powerful and delightful to the listeners.

Who is Ed Waesche?

In addition to being a member of the legendary Barbershop quartet ‘The New Yorkers’ which was made up of Kevin Clifford, David Johnson, and Al Fennell, Ed Waesche was also president of the Barbershop Harmony Society. He was also a genius barbershop 4-part harmony style quartet arranger.

Ed’s vocal arrangements for pieces such as “Why Do They Take the Night Boat to Albany?” and “New York Ain't New York Anymore” still rock the Barbershop music of old New York. It is then, not surprising the group won the self-named Mid-Atlantic District Quartet Champions in 1982.

Daniel E Carpenter at a Glance

While Daniel E Carpenter was born in Simsbury, Connecticut, he was raised in Atlanta however. Simsbury, his place of birth still holds a special place in his heart as he put it during a press conference where he was reported saying “I may have moved to Atlanta, but deep down I am still a Simsbury boy.”

Although his track has been removed from various online shops while waiting for contract re-negotiations with Fraud Records, “Benistar” has exploded all over Soundcloud, which only proves that he’s a talented songwriter.

Unlike other musicians who have godfathers in the Industry, Daniel E Carpenter doesn’t have one, and while he faced many ups and downs in his journey, which can be felt in his track. He accredits his climb to success to hard work and talent.

His love for the music industry is what has propelled him to give back to the hip hop community. In fact, he has given away some of his rap beats for free as his way of helping aspiring up-and-coming rappers. This selfless act has garnered him a massive fan base that grows by the minute that cannot stop expressing their appreciation for his music in various social media channels.

It takes working with a great recording and music production company to make it in the music industry. While Daniel is relatively new to the scene, Daniel E Carpenter has signed a singles deal with Fraud Records and soon to be released is Benistar 2. Benistar 2 is the working title for a 'Hero' style rock song with 80s rock influences.

So, why is a hip hop label signing an 80s rock song?

As Lincoln Abrahams, A&R director at Fraud Record well-puts it, “We want to get more black composers into the film industry, and Daniels Benistar 2 is our Trojan horse,”. Daniel E Carpenter is only happy to play a part in expanding the production company’s Universitas portfolio.

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