How has Good Branding become Essential for SMEs in the 21st Century?

Posted by shrelinb on August 14th, 2019

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises are multiplying rapidly. For them to outshine one another or, to be visible among so many, they must have proficient branding techniques. Branding is capable of building goodwill and has a power to ensure the prolonged survival of SMEs. With the rise in number of SMEs, the number of SME branding agencies is also increasing.

Good branding with its advantages is quintessential for all companies, especially SMEs.  In-house branding is prevalent, but, sometimes, companies hire SME branding specialists to achieve more efficiency.

Why are SME branding agencies needed?

  • Required to help the customers identify the company among many others:
    Too many companies in the market today; so, it is tough for customers to find a particular brand to stick-to. One time purchases are not enough to enable consumers to identify a brand. For that to happen, an organization must have a devotee base, which is earned by adequate branding.
    What branding does is, it helps consumers identify one company among multiple other enterprises with similar product lines, in a perfectly homogeneous market.
  • To create a brand image among its targeted customers:
    The survival of an organization in the existing market is made possible by substantial goodwill, which is boosted by quality branding. A brand image is about its reputation and what it stands for. A strong brand image enables a company to survive longer, especially in SME market, where competition is frantic.
  • To convey the company’s objective to the existing customers:
    A firm’s target is to achieve its goals and earn revenue and to build a loyal customer base. It has to thrive in the market among many other emerging and existing competitors; for that, it needs branding specialists to convey its objectives accurately to its consumers. Branding specialists deploy strategies like advertising to make sure that a company can fulfil its purposes and survive steep competition.
  • For conversion of a brand to an icon:
    A firm is turned into an image by the consumers, but it’s achieved via good branding. When a company’s name is synonymous with the quality or the values that they stand for, it gets converted into an icon. Branding agencies work vigorously to achieve this.
  • To generate new customers:
    When a company ventures into unexplored market territory, it has to get new customers to ensure its success. In the new market, customers are drawn by reputation of an organization and its sturdy brand image created by successful branding. The branding agencies work extra hard to make sure that a company’s presence is felt in the market and, that it gets considerable attention from the new targeted group.

Branding agencies are there for boosting a SMEs’ reputation and help it survive in the long run.  Some areas they cover are: research and analysis of the market, designing a visual identity, forming future branding guidelines, building communications, and improving brand experience.

Branding’s goal is improving an organization’s status, but it does not work like marketing. While marketing is business-oriented, branding is customer-oriented. And, branding agencies by following pull strategy aims at creation of enduring reputation where marketing experts’ use push strategy to drive periodic sales. Even though branding and marketing are different, they both share a common purpose, i.e. to aid a company benefit.

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