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There is no doubt that the subject of restoration of bathrooms and houses in Saudi Arabia has become very important, we at elnournow company best restoration of bathrooms, houses and villas in Saudi Arabia and the best contractor renovations and renovations in Saudi Arabia provide the best restoration solutions through a preview of the site and give suggestions for restoration, whether kitchen or villa or surface and bathroom restoration The issue has become the concern of many of us and the restoration of villas and the repair of its elements without controversy is vital and important and also dangerous and of course requires before going into our subject to draw the attention of customers on the importance of restoration work need to take important steps to start the stages of restoration D. An experienced engineer died on how to start restoration work and implement the phases followed.

Initially the first phase - before the restoration work


It is an important question when the home or house needs to be restored?
Restoration other than the maintenance of the house, which must be the first so that we can maintain the building itself and prolong the life of the building) The answer is when the building shows any cracks, of course must be the initial inspection and examination of structural columns and identify the stages of restoration step by step and must be important work The aim of the restoration of bathrooms and houses in Saudi Arabia is to preserve the building and restoration through the engineering lift of the dilapidated building and the restoration and maintenance of bathrooms, houses and houses.These parts require the intervention of the restoration company to restore the restoration in order to prevent the building from collapsing. The restoration is an ancient art and inherited from the architectural legacies, the company provides comprehensive restoration services including plumbing, cracking tiles, flooring and drainage plumbing in Saudi Arabia where the company is responsible for all the work of cracking and removal and bring new materials in addition to the installation of the client where we provide integrated repair services to save time and effort on the client as well Water leak detection company in Saudi Arabia.

Paints - Plaster Crew - Tile Crew - Roof and Tank Insulation Kit. Engineers to detect all types of leaks
Dear customer Do you suffer from cracks on the wall or cracks in the roofs you have in your home Do you fall rain water you have at home in the winter This is because you suffer one of the most serious types of cracks, which are cracks window where multiple types of cracks in the house to:
Cracks window: These cracks that are implemented from the other end in the roof of the house and usually occur as a result of shrinkage of the ceiling after the construction or walls that will be exposed to the crack where it is treated by the restoration crew work to expand the crack on the sides and then clean well with taking a hole Crack and make it in the form of a letter and then be treated by the use of polymer mortar reinforced with fiber and be in the form of cement, where it is by moistening the crack from the inside as well as splash before putting restoration materials inside the hole - in addition to treatment by the mortar produced by the epoxy company
Non-window cracks: In the form of horizontal cracks and major cracks in the case of horizontal cracks in the roof of the house, which is semi-window, the crack is treated at the other end of the ceiling by placing epoxy materials and cement polymeric materials that fill the crack in addition to prevent water leakage in the crack Leading to the destruction of the casting layer
Dear Customer, If you are interested in Villa Restoration Company - Restoration Company in Saudi Arabia
It provides troubleshooting, repair of buildings, house cleaning, tile cleaning, tank washing, paint services, carpet cleaning, electrical services, engineering related facilities maintenance, and design and construction of custom control panels.

If you are unsure what to include in your electrical maintenance contract, a dedicated team of experts will be happy to call you to discuss your options and provide you with detailed advice.
The best restoration company in Saudi Arabia
At the beginning of the restoration company in Saudi Arabia calculate all the necessary drawings before the restoration phase, as the landlord sometimes wants to demolish the building and rebuild it again, but those who would like to be renovated because the owner did not raise the rent, In the case of public buildings, the restoration company in Saudi Arabia does not face this problem at all. The restoration engineer starts a coin with the best materials that give the best quality and the lowest price to ensure customer satisfaction with the work provided by elnournow.

The restoration works are aimed at preserving the building and restoring it through the geometric lift of the dilapidated building and the restoration of the parts that require the intervention of a restoration company to be restored to prevent the building from collapsing.
The restoration is an ancient art and an architectural heritage.It is a rehabilitation of the old or worn buildings of a finishing company in Saudi Arabia, which has been affected by external factors and phenomena to cracks or damage, which caused the loss of the owners of the element of honesty.
Steps before actually starting the restoration
The restoration process carried out by the Saudi Rehabilitation Company includes the restoration of the exterior of the dilapidated building and the repair of the deformations of the buildings including the modification of the roofs and windows as well as the doors as well as the reinforcement of insulation materials for both ceilings and floors. Cure cracks and cracks.
When is your home in need of a renovation company!
In this case, we must distinguish between the building's need for repair and the need for restoration only, before starting the restoration phase, where the restoration company in Saudi Arabia to inspect the building and determine the shape and depth of the shore before to see if it needs to be repaired or repaired again.


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