Camping - a great low cost family vacation

Posted by Thass on August 14th, 2019

Family camping is a great way to get away from it all, with little expense, and still have a great time doing so!

I remember many fun, family times, as a young girl, centered around a tent, campfire, and fishing! They are memories that I will cherish forever! These weekend getaways as family were planned to be fun, and yet not too costly that our family could afford.

Often on our family camping trip we were out fishing too, or doing some other outdoor sports. It seems that the fun of fishing always went along with the camping experience! To me, nothing beats the whole great outdoors experience.As a parent now I know these trips weren't so easy to organize and there were a few very stressful moments but the memories are definitely worth the hassles!

I still love the smell of the fresh air and the fun nature walks that we would take while we camped. I also still enjoy the smell of the campfire, the brisk night air and sitting around the fire just enjoy the evening to the fullest! Nothing it seems beats the taste of a hot dog grilled over the open air fire or the banana boat campfire desserts! Or the hamburgers, baked beans, and pasta salads that would go along with the weekend of camping instead of the high cost of restaurants and such when going on other vacations.

Grilling out over the fire was another part of the camping experience that kept the cost lower. Also being in nature, finding trails, taking hikes, seeing deer and other wildlife or mountain biking are all activities that keep the children occupied without spending money. This is still yet another way to take in the whole experience of all the wildlife and great outdoors!

All in all, camping is an adventure that is low cost, yet high in fun and adventures! If you've never tried camping, why not?

A tent is really the biggest part of the whole camper's investment but these days there are options for all budgets. Once you have purchased the tent you'll have it for years to follow. And the memories will follow along too!

Sure camping can be challenging if you are new to it. Oh yes, it takes time to set it all up, and when you get back home, there will be the piles of dirty towels and laundry, but it'll be all well worth! Once the area is put together, then it's time to enjoy and relax. And isn't that, what it's all about?

Why not pass along a great tradition to your children. Something that they can do someday with their children! And like I've done, tell some stories around the fires to your children of how your parents brought you on a great adventure, that you'll never forget! 

Life is so hectic and full of chaos and always running about. That's why it's so worth to go on adventures that just simply bring you together to relax as a family. And with keeping the cost low, in today's economy, you can't beat it for a weekend getaway!

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