The Scorched here are Fallout 76 Weapons

Posted by limmzhou on August 15th, 2019

The Scorched here are Fallout 76 Weapons non refundable and probably will not kill you, however you can still take enough damage to require a Stimpak after it is all over. Should you encounter or otherwise disturb you, it will disintegrate and shed radiation (roughly 10 RADs) for a short while.

Scavenge everything from this site -- the farmhouse, the barn, and a shed and a storage building on top of a hill a little to the west. We found an armor mod in buy Fallout 76 Items here. Importantly, there's a whole lot of fertilizer lying about.

Acid plus scrap cloth creates gunpowder (though you will need a chemistry channel to combine it). Gunpowder plus steel and lead waste generates ammunition. (Also, if you hang on to raw food or veggies for a long time, they'll spoil.)

Gilman Lumber Yard to the north of Wixon Homestead provides free wood, which might be useful to pick up prior to departing for the Overseer's Campsite into the south. The Overseer will have abandoned you a cache of supplies inside her back, and there'll be other items lying around , also. Take all the junk, break it down in the armor or weapons bench, and keep it at the Stash Box.

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