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What is Legal Translation?


Legal translation involves the transfer of written content from one language to another. Legal translation can be quite complex considering the variations in the operation of different legal systems around the world. To guarantee accurate legal translation, it is very important that a translator has extensive knowledge of the legal systems involved to ensure that the accuracy and legal requirements of the documents are followed.

The legal translation which we provide at Andalus Translation is such that all of our clients can be certain of quality work. We offer our clients linguists who are experts in the legal field. Using the resources at our disposal, we provide you with the following:

  • Legal support
  • Native speaker of the target language
  • Law expert
  • Certified lawyer

Andalus Translation helps to provide clients of different nationalities and regions with translation services. This team of legal transistors and experts will constantly be on-hand to deal with all of your projects. You can be certain of only the best work for every project. Our translators are known for professionalism as they strive to focus on consistency and customer satisfaction. This way, you're connected to native speakers who are also law experts in your field of law and offers you a translation to a variety of languages around the world. Consistency is key to ensure quality results as translators undergo different projects. This way, the results of different projects can be as accurate as possible regardless of the legal system and target language involved.

All of our translators are experts and are more than capable to handle different types of legal translation. Our in-depth knowledge of legal systems allows us to easily contribute to the translation of different types of legal documents and scenarios. We will help to design custom solutions to fit your projects. Every project is different and we will treat them according to the requirements of the client. By working with us, we are able to establish a strong bond while we also learn of your interests in formatting and also the choice of language. This helps to create a degree of uniformity in all your documents. There is also access to rare languages from different corners of the world.

Another of our important roles is providing legal support for clients. As mentioned earlier, all of our translators are experts in different legal fields and system. Due to this, we are capable of advising our clients on delicate matters that require professional attention.

We also keep all of our clients in touch and provide them with instant access to translation services within a short time. We do our business to keep the translation as simple and easy as possible. All of our translations are certified and we deal with a variety of documents

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