Information on Cushion Cut Diamonds

Posted by Luminus Diamond on August 16th, 2019

A cushion cut loose diamond is also referred to as the old mine cut as it combines a square cut with rounded corners. It looks like a pillow or a cushion and hence this name is given. This cut has been around for more than 100 years.
Interesting facts on Cushion Cut Diamonds
•    Traditional loose cushion diamonds reflect light in a chunkier way when compared to the modern cuts. These cushion cut diamonds had an enlarged culet which gave it a very unique look, which today is considered antique.
•    It was also one of the most popular diamond shapes in its initial years.
•    Over a period of time, certain refinements were made to cushion cut diamonds like shrinking the culet, enlarging the table and also improving the cut angles so as to get an increased brilliance. This led to increase in demand for cushion cut diamonds as customers loved to have the antique feel with the modern appeal.
Features of Cushion Cut Diamonds
•    The standards for the cut vary due to personal choice.
•    They are less brilliant than round brilliant diamonds, but they have better fire.
•    The classic cushion cut diamond is generally square in shape but some are found in rectangular shape as well.
•    A G-H diamond has a slightly warmer color and the D-F diamond have a cooler color. There is more demand for the cooler shades.
•    Evaluating clarity in a cushion cut diamond is also subjective.

While investing in cushion cut diamonds, you can always consider buying from branded outlets. The cushion cut diamonds are a good choice since you not only get GIA certification but are also assured of the quality and sparkle. Their diamonds stand the test of time and you get the assurance of your investment.
With so many factors to consider, buying diamonds needs a lot of research and information. You cannot just walk in any showroom and buy what you get. You need to have better knowledge of the cut you want, different cuts existing and their prices, so that you make the best decision.

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