What is the difference between a hex nut and a jam nut?

Posted by elain martell on August 16th, 2019

Both hex nut and jam nut is a type of fastener but there are differences between them and each has distinguishable properties and features.

In here we have discussed the distinctive properties and characteristics of hex nuts and jam nuts which indicates the differences between them.

Differences between hex nut and a jam nut in terms of primary purpose and function

Jam nut is a type of lock nut used for the purpose of tightening and resists loosening under vibrations and torque on the other hand; hex nut is a basic type of six-sided nut which comes in various variations.

A jam nut can be used with a hex nut and another nut to screw both of the nuts together and prevent loosening of any of the nut and secure it in place.

The biggest difference between a hex nut and a jam nut is in terms of their primary functions.

The primary function and purpose of a jam nut is to tighten two or more nuts and the jam nuts are often used for leveling purpose.

On the other hand, a hex nut is the most common type of nut and its primary function is to fasten multiple parts of compartment together and is used along with a bolt.

Differences between a hex nut and a jam nut in terms of dimension and size

Hex nut is hexagonal in shape and thicker in dimension compared to a regular jam nut. While, on the other hand a jam nut is thinner in dimension with respect to a regular hex nut.

But, did you know that there are other specific types of jam nut called hex jam nuts? Hex jam nuts are also hexagonal in shape and is used when nuts need more secured lock. These hex jam nuts are also thinner when compared to regular hex nuts.


You can bulk buy hexagon nuts and jam nuts from any local shops and buying them in bulk is always cheaper. However, Amazon comes with the best prices and the best types of jam nuts and hex nuts to purchase so you can give it a good consideration.

Finally, to wrap up the terms of nuts, bolts and fasteners in the industry is often commonly mixed and sometimes you will see a regular hex nut referred to as jam nut. But, there are distinguishable differences in between them both of them and these we have discussed right on the above.

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