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How Software Solutions Helps in Franchise Management Company?

Posted by chetuimon on August 16th, 2019

Franchise management software is a cloud-based, point of sale (POS) solution that streamlines sales operations, location management processes, and communications between franchisors and franchisees. Software functionalities include: 

  • Intuitive, easy to use interface for simplified training.
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities.
  • Customized scalable designs with location-specific features.
  • Gather and sync sales data for each location with web-based reporting tools.
  • Compliance with Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV) standards minimize liability.

Unlike traditional POS systems, cloud-based software programs are tailored to meet the specific requirements unique to both retail and restaurant franchises. A centralized VPN platform connects each location within the franchise with the franchisors. It facilitates processes such as eCommerce integration; email marketing and customer loyalty program integrations. Offline payment capabilities are processed and available for real-time reporting. Franchise software solutions tracks inventory, sales; and provides access to view location-specific customer data. Custom software development solutions for enterprises, both small and large, aid to keep the business and brand organized.

Key Features

Analytics and Reporting

This feature can utilize data to determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and identify areas of improvement by collecting data and reporting analytics from campaigns, communications, lead sources, sales, and workflows.

Automated Workflows

The automation of repetitive business tasks such as inventory, reporting, and performance measurements maximizes time and efficiency. Franchise management development will free up resources for other mission-critical tasks.

Franchise CRM Software Integration

Customer relationship management (CRM) software integration provides a seamless transfer of existing franchise data. Development of a built-in lead profile system gathers and stores data for human resource management and compliance.

Franchise ERP Systems Capabilities

Franchise management development of intuitive dashboards for Enterprise resource planning (ERP) houses workflows for human resource, logistics, and supply chain management. Custom development enables the creation of order management systems (OMS) that can be automated for inventory restocking tasks or to create economic order quantity (EOQ) calculations in real-time.

Franchise Intranet Programming

A software management solution can integrate collaborative forums in a secure environment via intranet. Develop secure communications between franchises using document management systems (DMS), create a knowledge base, provide news tickers, assign project management modules, and training apps within a secure environment.

Lead Source Tracking

Determine the level of effectiveness produced from campaigns, events, referrals, and social media postings by identifying the number of leads. The usage of lead source tracking to determine the return on investment (ROI) of marketing strategies provides reporting capability within a custom developed environment.

Marketing Campaigns

Create a dedicated workflow for emails and text campaigns that quickly allows response to relevant customer behaviors. Marketing campaigns can be automated using email responses, customizable site links, and trigger-driven delivery schedules.  

How Does Business Intelligence (BI) Capabilities Help Franchise Management?

The benefits of franchise management business intelligence (BI) features are vital to a franchise’s success. Its BI data mining tools gather and analyze internal and external data, identifies trends and patterns, and presents descriptive and predictive analytics for real-time reporting.

Franchise territory mapping software incorporates GIS mapping technology. It is used to populate geographical and customer demographic data which is used to plan new locations. This information empowers franchisees to make strategic, data-driven business decisions over intuitive decisions. 

Custom Franchise Management Software Development 

Whether you're replacing obsolete POS systems for continuity across locations or upgrade to a cloud-based solution that supports business expansion, franchise management software streamlines operations and management processes for improved efficiency, simplified communications, and increased revenue on a single platform. 

Chetu is an expert developer of customized, cloud-based franchise management software solutions. Our comprehensive franchise management systems provide a holistic view of business operations across entire enterprises.

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