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Tips to consider while buying Horse Rugs

Posted by moreforhorses on August 17th, 2019

When you need to buy a horse rug there are a number of things to consider such as the weather conditions, temperature and where your horse lives. Some are designed to keep the horse cool while others are to keep them warm. Some horse rugs are to prevent biting insects, others to keep the rain off or for sun protection. Some have horse rug legstraps while others use different methods for keeping them in place.

Here are some of the types of horse rugs to consider:

  • Stable or Night Blankets

These are designed to be used when your horse in staying in a stall. They can be lightweight fabric and mainly to keep the horse clean or heaver and insulated for warmth. Usually they are not expected to take the heavy wear and tear of turnout blankets so are made of a lighter fabric

  • Turnout Rugs

These are made tough, durable and waterproof fabric. They need sturdy chest, leg and belly straps to keep them in place. They’re made from breathable fabric to allow for the horses sweating. They are designed for your horse’s ease of movement

  • Coolers

There are a variety of styles from fitted to just a sheet. They are meant to absorb a horse’s sweat and prevent your horse being chilled from winds or breezes. They come in different weight for summer and winter use and usually have standard straps to keep them in place

  • Rain Sheets

These are made of breathable fabric and designed to keep your horse dry in rainy weather. They are not usually used in cold weather as they can interfere with your horse’s natural piloerection action that is the natural way a horse keeps warm

  • Fly Sheets

These are often simple mesh rugs that are designed to protect your horse from biting insects. Some come with UV protection which can help to prevent your horse from becoming dry and belched from the sun

  • Therapeutic Blankets

These are often made using special nano type fabrics that are supposed to soothe and warm tired muscles. Often they will have magnets or other types of objects designed to help relax and help your horse

  • Under Rugs

Under rugs can be made of wool, fleece or quilted types of fabrics. They are designed to go under other blankets or rugs to add an extra amount of protection from the cold or wind. Some are designed to clip on to top rugs while others come with their own straps

  • Rump Sheets, Quarter and Half Sheets

These types of sheets are designed to be used while you’re riding your horse to give protection from the elements, especially when you first start riding in inclement weather. Many of these are also designed to add the visibility factor, so you can easily be spotted.

They come in an assortment of colours, different fabric’s and designs depending your purpose and preferences and needs.

All the different types of blankets and rugs you can choose come with a variety of horse rug legstraps and ties so you can adjust them to suit your particular horse, its size and the conditions it’s living in. Some are designed for summer and protect from the sun and biting insects others for harsh winter conditions.

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