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When Should You Consult The Spine Doctor And Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeon

Posted by drmanoj on August 17th, 2019

People suffering from back pain or neck pain seek medical assistance from their primary care doctor or physician. However, when there is no relief in pain and it continues to bother you badly, your primary care doctor will refer you to the best spine doctor in Delhi who will look after the reason of the pain first and then come up with the most suitable treatment to cure back or neck pain. The best minimally invasive spine surgeon in Delhi will tell you if minimally invasive surgery is required to treat the prevailing condition. 

When to consult the spine doctor for back pain?

If you are suffering from certain back pain issue, you should not ignore or delay to consult spine doctor as soon as possible. The more you delay, the more the situation will get worse. Some of the back pain that required spine doctor's immediate consultation may include as such below:

  • You develop a fracture in back and experience severe pain due to a bad fall or car accident.
  • Having new or progressive motor weakness due to numbness or tingling. The situation transpires due to spinal cord compression and leaves you in constant back pain.
  • Cauda equine syndrome in which nerve roots in the lower end of the spinal cord become compressed and paralysis of legs may occur sometimes.
  • Having experiencing back pain for more than 6 weeks.
  • Cannot sleep the whole night because of the back pain. It can be disc degeneration, or a sprain or something more serious issue like a tumor.
  • Problem of sciatica that causes acute back which spurs through the buttocks and down into the legs. It transpire when sciatica nerve becomes compressed.  

Whenever you feel you are engulfed with any of the above-mentioned symptoms of back pain, any immediate consultation with the best spine doctor in Delhi is recommended. The doctor will help you to relieve the pain by using the best treatment option available.

Reason to consult the spine surgeon for minimally invasive surgery

Generally, people suffering from back pain do not need surgery to get rid of the prevailing pain. However, if the condition deteriorates and the back pain does not get better with the medication, the best minimally invasive spine surgeon in Delhi may recommend you for surgery.

The spine surgeon will advise for minimally invasive surgery if treatment such as medication and physical therapy could not have any significant effect on the existing back pain. Surgery can be the last option under such circumstances and it might fix the problem. However, it should also be kept in mind that surgery cannot fix all kinds of back problems. The spine surgeon will only recommend you for minimally invasive surgery if you have a type of problem that surgery may be effective to bring positive a solution. The conditions where minimally invasive surgery can help include:

  • Infection in the spine
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spinal deformities such as scoliosis
  • Spinal instability
  • Herniated disc
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Removal of a tumor in the spine
  • Fractured vertebra 
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