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Graduated from a media school? Explore these 5 opportunities

Posted by prajvalrajeshirke on August 17th, 2019

Media is a trendy and competitive field today. Experience has become critical. A media school offers an array of courses on journalism, advertising, and entertainment. These are broadly classified as radio, television, newspaper, PR, advertising, and marketing.

Once you graduate from the school of media studies, you can either look for summer placements, part-time and voluntary opportunities during the course itself as it offers you first-hand experience about a radio station, paper, or publication office.

Some school of communication give placement opportunity with a media or related company. This way you can gain practical and professional skills. You could also expand your contacts. Let us learn about the different media fields and what they offer:

1)    Journalism: Media students have always been lured to journalism or freelance writing. Journalism offers variety under this genre right from radio to print to TV to online. You could write on travel, sports, food, online shopping, and much more. You should be resourceful, have nose for a good story, and thick-skinned. If you can thrive under pressure and are tenacious, then this is the ideal option for you. Journalists also have to be up to date with current affairs and should eat, as well as, breathe all things media.

2)    Marketing and advertising: These careers are dynamic and diverse. Marketing career, especially, is ever evolving. There is growth of new media and several online opportunities. The advertising world also has to keep up with the trends. Advertising is all about good-old communication despite technological advancement. Marketing people, on the other hand, have to stay through the process of marketing plans such as new product development, product launches, advertising communication, consumer research, packaging updates, and promotions.

3)    Public relations: This field involves all sort of communication and public perception about organisations, people, products, and specific concerns. They do so by crafting positive messages, getting positive exposure and coverage, and holding events. It is a challenging but fulfilling role especially for those who love research, writing, organising, public speaking, and problem-solving. A media school imparts knowledge on each of them.

4)    Print: Do you have an eye for detail, love different fonts, and a grammar Nazi? Then a career in magazine or publishing field could be beckoning. Magazine writing or print is a notoriously difficult industry. Something that you will require before getting into the genre is a pre-work experience, which is what every magazine editor asks for. The other bit about magazine publication is getting through top reference or network.  

5)    Technical writing: This is another space for those who love to write on niche topics. It is a kind of field that caters to computer hardware and software, health, finance, biotechnology, and law. You could write on software manuals, legal textbooks, or financial reports. It is basically writing to any technical or non-technical audience.

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