Top 7 reasons to pursue media courses

Posted by prajval rajeshirke on August 17th, 2019

The media and communication industry have grown by heaps and bound over the years. It employs millions of people today, both direct and indirect. The media industry comprises of different genres such as film, television, advertising, print media, music, and social media. In fact, now is the right time to step into the media industry. Seeing the growing demand for the field, several universities and schools are offering media courses.

The media industry is driven by robust demand, high competition, and strong Government support. It promises exciting times ahead. Those interested in the media industry and want to pursue a career in it, the following reasons support why you should be in a media school right away:

1)    Exposure and adventure: Media courses take you to places. It gives you a different perspective from the view of a journalist or a filmmaker. You can cover different stories and events. You also get to use your creative skills to full ability. There is no perfect methodology to work in this field. Students can express themselves freely and shape their style of working.

2)    Multiple career options: Students succeed professionally by studying in a school of communication. You create a strong oral and written message, gel with others, uphold the image, research, analyse, and solve problems. Once you are sure of the field you want to enrol yourself into, you can land up jobs either in magazines, newspapers, radio, production houses, PR firms, or other such genres. Multiple skills and knowledge can take you far.

3)    Art and creativity: This course help people to think on their feet, solve dilemmas, resolve conflicts, work in a team, and enhance public speech.

4)    Travel: If you do not like the mundane classroom lectures then this department moves. Whenever you take admission, you will be asked to travel, and learn new things.

5)    Combined courses: Media courses offer dual degrees where you can combine cultural education with another passion of yours. This way you can learn two aspects in greater detail.

6)    Network building: Media and communication offer the privilege to aspirants to meet and greet famous personalities. If you are a journalist, for example, you could interview the Prime Minister of the country. The press card holds massive importance in the country.

7)    Social life: Media and communication are focused on the development of society. In fact, media is the fourth pillar of the constitution which has an immense impact on the nation.

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