What are the earliest signs of dehydration which you should be aware of?

Posted by David Harper on August 18th, 2019

Out of 10 people, six people suffer from dehydration, and the main reason behind this is a lack of consumption of fluid that will help the body to stay hydrated. Even though this may portray that dehydration is a common issue, but if left untreated, it may turn to severe, which eventually leads to serious health issues. Moreover, the signs and symptom of dehydration differ from one person to another. Children, elderly people and even infants are prone to dehydration because all the three stages of human cannot properly recognize the need of their body. And the stages of dehydration vary from mild to severe.

While mild dehydration can be treated from home by a proper consumption of fluid along with electrolyte but if it turns out to be severe, the best choice is to visit a doctor or any IV fluid station. IV fluid will help to restore the amount of fluid also with the vital elements that are lost through dehydration, which is the salt and sugar content of the body. And when a person starts suffering from dehydration, the various organs of our body starts malfunctioning as fluid plays a huge role in the proper functioning of our body. 

Signs of dehydration

When there is an excessive loss of fluid from our body, the physical and mental health of a person starts to decline for which there is an immediate need of restoration of fluid as soon as a person starts suffering from dehydration. And it is best to detect and treat dehydration from the earliest stage to prevent complexities. So, let us have a look at some of the earliest signs of dehydration that will help you to treat it right from the beginning stage.  

Dark urine or absent of urination

When there is a lack of fluid in our body, the color of our urine changes to a very dark color also with a strong smell. Normal urine should be pale yellow, but if it has a very dark color like an apple juice, then this might be an indication of moderate or even severe dehydration. 

Excessively dry skin

Water plays an important role in keeping our skin hydrated. And the elasticity of the skin also indicates how dehydrated our body is. Pinch your skin, and if it starts moving back slowly, it might indicate that your body is moderately dehydrated. And if tents, then it might indicate that you are suffering from severe dehydration. Along with this, Rapid breathing and heartbeat, Dizziness, confusion and light-headedness are also indications of dehydration. And if you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you should immediately visit a hydrate iv Bar

Our body needs to stay hydrated all the time for proper functioning. So, make sure you keep it hydrated by consuming an adequate amount of water. 

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