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Posted by Sarah Addyson on August 18th, 2019

There are many types of wardrobes Sydney out there and it all depends on your available space, personal preferences, budget and such. Knowing as much as possible about them helps take the final decision, especially if you plan on making the investment and need plenty information. One of the most popular types is the sliding door wardrobe. This one has a modern design, compared with the traditional hinge door one. Such furniture pieces can have one up to four doors and they will slide smoothly on the track. It is one of the best choices for homeowners that want to make use of the available space in the bedroom. It occupies less space and you can customize its size and style however you please. 

Corner wardrobes Sydney are also popular choices and they are ideal for homeowners that want to use the space on the corners. These furniture pieces have sliding doors, being the most convenient and they have a lot of storage potential. The dream type for everyone is the walk-in wardrobe and this is a luxury that not many can afford. The storage space is massive and there is enough room to fit clothes, shoes and all accessories. It is the ideal choice for those who own a lot of items and who have luxury items as well. People can design an unused room in this manner and make the most out of it. What is more, if a room is particularly large, it can be separated using doors or panels and turn a part of it into a walk-in wardrobe. In this case, it is best to discuss with designers that are able to come up with amazing designs. 

On the other hand, for those who don’t have so much space available or who want to design the wardrobe in the attic, under the stairs or who have sloped ceilings, sloping wardrobe doors are perfect. They are quite versatile and allow creating a storage space in spaces that you thought it was not possible. There is no need to waste space when you can make the most of it. Take for example the one under the staircase and how you can place your belongings in there. The main idea is that there are many types of storage solutions, no matter the home in discussion, the available space, budget, style and such. Manufacturers and providers working in the field are able to respond to every request, making sure the client is satisfied in the end. 

Wardrobe doors are different too and they can be traditional or sliding, based on personal preferences, the chosen design and available space. Versatility is the key and also keeping in mind that many possibilities exist, starting with the free standing wardrobe and up to the walk-in one. Even in between there are great opportunities for homeowners that seek to personalize their space and store clothes in an organized and neat manner. There are two main options available nowadays, buying furniture from shops directly, already made or discussing with a designer to create something unique and best suited for your preferences. 

Of course, there are more benefits when people go to a designer. They can choose every aspect of the element, including materials, colors, doors and size, compartments inside and such. Better yet, the designer is able to come by the house to assess the space and give their opinion of what works best. Afterwards, you can focus on design, if you prefer a glossy or matte finish, if you want mirrors, if you prefer a minimal design or want a bright one and such. You can keep count of the rest of the furniture in the room, the wall colors and make sure that everything blends in nicely together and they work well when combined. 

Resource Box: Do you have an idea of how your ideal wardrobes Sydney look? Why not discuss with specialists in the field and bring your dream one to life. There is the option of customizing each aspect, including wardrobe doors

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